Mark Alvarado is an innovative graphic design artist that has traveled the global receiving praises and adorations by many current top firms. He is from Palo Alto, California but also has property in Marfa, Texas. Mark Alvarado has earned his bachelor degree from UCLA and has interned with many of the top graphic designers of today. Mark’s true passion is archery and is considered one of the top non-competitive archers of today.

Mark is a well-balanced individual always finding time for archery after working with clients on the next most significant design that will revolutionize their company. Mark’s expertise is developing designs for startup companies and has been very instrumental in helping startup companies market themselves in a competitive economy. His willingness to help startup’s points to his young entrepreneurial spirit which has paved the way for dozens of young firms to present themselves professionally to a global market. Without Mark’s help, these startup companies would find it very difficult to be competitive.

Mark’s talents include the development of logo designs to more complex projects that help with the identity and branding of a firm. It must also be noted that Mark takes his job very seriously and is not afraid of working with clients that have ideas of their own. He is willing to work long hours and has created designs for firms in quick turnaround times. With his creative and technical background, companies would find Mark as a great opportunity in taking their company to the next level.

How did you get into the graphic design career field?

As a young teenage boy, I designed logos for my neighborhood lawn mowing business. It eventually turned into designing for other people in the neighborhood. I ultimately went to college at UCLA with some experience in the field. After and during college, I worked with other designers, but I felt that I could “spread my own wings” later on and this helped give me notoriety on a global scale.

How did you start off making money?

I started making money from small “mom and pop” stores wanting new designs to give their stores a more modern look. That is how I saw a market doing this.

How long did it take to earn money?

It took me a couple of years to become profitable! My biggest expense was marketing myself and attending conventions to sharpen my skills and network.

When starting out, did you ever doubt yourself?

I have never doubted myself starting out; things were surely rough, but I played it like archery and new that if I concentrated on the next project as a target, I could not worry about anything else.

How did you get your first client?

I got my first customer from a trampoline park that opened up in town. They wanted to reach out to the people of the silicon valley, and I offered my services. That firm is continuing using my design even today!

Give one marketing strategy that works well for startups?

Networking essential! Sometimes you have to be at places where your clients are. I have had more success attending conferences and meeting people than my website.

What is one tough decision you have had to make within the last few months?

The toughest decision is to partner with my interns. I understand that they will one day be off on their own and will eventually become a competition, but it is worth it! I like to impart knowledge to the next generation.

What makes you successful?

Commitment! If you are not committed and willing to listen to others, you can never be successful in graphic design.

What is the future of your company and what excites you most?

My future includes expanding into the fastest growing economy on earth- China! They are booming with several startup companies in need of my skills. The opportunity of traveling and meeting them excites me most.

What is a business book you recommend?

I love Simon Sinek’s book “Start with Why.” It has changed my life by aligning my passion for graphic design to my career.

What recent purchases have you made to expand your business?

I have purchased new office space in San Jose. This has helped me expand room to hire two more graphic designers.

Will you ever go professional in archery?

I want to stick with graphic design for now and climb up the ranks in amateur first. Archery has also been a passion for me, but I never want it to become a stressor to the point where I have to compete and worry. I have bought a house in Texas to expand my horizons in archery.

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