Zachary Burell is a graduate student at Case Western Reserve University in Physics Entrepreneurship. He began his Engineering and Physics internship in the fall of this academic year with Zen Technologies. The company works with NASA to support the space station. Zachary is on an engineering team that performs experiments for the microgravity science glove box for the space station, also referred to as the MSG. Their experiments have proven an asset to international research efforts.

When he is not actively engaged in his scientific endeavors, he is researching for his own startup. His goal is to have a new company contributing to the development of quantum computing on a commercial scale. His endeavors have expanded his knowledge not just through academic means, but through life implementation of each stage of the startup development and investment process. Even as a student, Zachary Burell knows precisely where he’s going with life and business.

Zachary is very civic-minded when it comes to our environment. He has concerns about global warming.

He would like to get the word out for more people to become aware of their carbon footprint. He would like to see a significant reduction in the number of greenhouse gases that each individual creates on a daily basis.

In his free time, Zachary Burell enjoys a variety of hobbies. He is an avid reader who loves the outdoors. He enjoys bike riding, camping, hiking, and kayaking. When the opportunity arises, he also enjoys visiting art museums. In addition to his very busy schedule, he makes time as a volunteer to teach science to young children. In the evenings, a little stargazing has been known to be the best way to help this entrepreneur to unwind for the day.

What inspired you to get into quantum computing?

I first encountered the concept of quantum computing while reading The Fabric of Reality by  David Deutsch during my Junior year of high school. This year, due to advances in quantum computing, companies like IBM and Google have developed quantum computing teams, legitimizing the field in ways that couldn’t have happened even two years ago. It is very relevant right now, making it an ideal time to get into the field.

What would make quantum computing commercially viable?

Quantum computing becomes commercially viable when it is able to do more computations per unit cost per time than classical computers.

What will make you successful?

My grandfather always said that “Work works when nothing else works.”

I have always seen that to be true in my life. Hard work and keeping an open mind has been an asset. Being respectful to the people I’m working with is another key factor in contributing to the success I have enjoyed already and look forward to with my new company.

Where do you see quantum computer going? What are you most excited about?

I believe that within 10 years, the quantum computer will replace traditional computers. They will replace everything from the mainframe computer systems we currently have to the business systems people are using now.

With the current pattern of innovation that was initially set as far back as the 1900, we will reach a point where this is the choice for industrial computing in less than 20 years.

What drives you to become an entrepreneur?

Only in the United States of America can we have the opportunity to become an entrepreneur at a level that demands full attention. I want to become an entrepreneur in the quantum computing industry to help people solve problems. Often times it is impractical, or we simply don’t have the time to implement solutions, even once they are recognized. Entrepreneurship allows us to implement the solutions we have identified. At the same time, we are pursuing the things we are passionate about. This is the only path that both enables me to empower others and follow my dreams.

What business books inspired you?

“Getting Things Done” by David Allen is one that I really enjoyed.

Is there anything that is important to you that you would like to share with our readers?

The date on global warming is clear. We are in a position right now where we have to take steps to improve the situation. It’s a topic I think about often. There are many ways to address the issue and we have to explore them to avoid an extinction level event.

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