Mr. Vineet Bansal is the founder and CEO of ExpandERP and eDominer. Through its flagship software ExpandERP on cloud, he is targeting the SMB market of India and abroad. His vision is to make the latest technology affordable for SMB in India and make them highly efficient and competitive. It is in line with increasing internet penetration and digital India initiative of the government. The organization eDominer has been able to grab prestigious awards like The Bengal Entrepreneurship Recognition 2016 by BCCI, ITPV Award, Financial Online and a Special recognition by Round Table India for contribution in IT and ERP Automation. He has significantly evolved the software Expand ERP in the Cloud space, thereby helping numerous businesses to get better visibility and control of their operations. Managing multiple locations and complex manufacturing processes or be it export documentation, all can be managed over cloud from anywhere.

Tell Us Something about Your Company

Ours is a family owned business, owned and operated by me and my brother. We have employee strength of 50+ spanning the big cities of India namely, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur, New Delhi and Kolkata. The company from which ExpandERP product has evolved is eDominer, founded in 1995, by me and my brother. In those times, when the internet was not this powerful, we managed to make our mark in the industry by overcoming challenges by lease lines, WAN and providing useful web-based solutions to the Oil and Gas, Leather, and Chemical sectors. ExpandERP was launched in 2008 when it faced stiff competition from the other similar companies providing offline solutions and access to the internet was limited. But, we stayed strong and today, ExpandERP is a first mover and one of the renowned brands in the small and medium industrial sector, both in India and abroad for Cloud-based ERP Solution.

Describe Some Major Milestones Your Company has reached In These Years

Well, we launched ExpandERP in 2008, which in itself was a huge accomplishment, given the success and credibility it has achieved in these years. Then was this incident of the signing of our first overseas customer from Europe in 2010. We were delighted to take our business beyond the national boundaries for the first time. It was a proud moment when Expand ERP was shortlisted and signed against the big names in the IT sphere. In 2012, we signed the private equity deal with Brand Capital of Bennett & Coleman Co. (Times Group). After that, we took ExpandERP to the cloud in 2012 in tie up with Tata Interactive for cloud infrastructure. In our upward journey, we opened an office in Bangalore, the business hub of India in 2014. We were also awarded the Bengal Entrepreneurship Recognition 2016 by BCCI.

What Inspired You to Reach Here?

I started learning computers way back in 1992 on BBC Microcomputer followed with my first desktop Intel 386 in 1994. I was highly self-motivated and always positive. I was always in demand during my school days for my 3D animation skills. However, I always did what he liked most and gradually my hobby became my passion.

Do You Think Your Solution Can Make A Difference To The Industry?

Yes, of course! First of all, eDominer offered CRM solutions for free. This was something no one could have ever imagined in those times. Secondly, ExpandERP is the only product in the market providing end-to-end integration CRM, ERP, eCommerce, Exports, Marketplace and Retail POS on a single platform, that too on the cloud. Thirdly, the program is highly secured as hosted on the Microsoft Azure and .Net platforms, thereby minimizing the chances of data theft and other issues. It is offered as a subscription and directly implemented with no third party involvement. Furthermore, our solution is headed by me and my brother, both of us have years of experience in the tech industry. It has been 15 years for me in enterprise solution design and architecting and Amit with 7 years MVP and regular speaker at TechEd. We are tech-savvy individuals who are always coming up with innovative ideas to upgrade our product.

What is The Definition of Innovation for You?

Well, innovation is developing your ideas and vision into a solution that can solve a problem. It makes the optimum use of available technologies and resources and takes your product or solution to the next level. It is that seed which brings a better tomorrow. It is the idea that breaks into an invention.

How can You Associate Innovation with Your Solution?

We have identified the loopholes in the business management process and introduced our system to plug the gaps. Combining CRM, ERP and eCommerce is one kind of innovation when you have used your resources and technology to come up with a solution that overcomes the collaboration and management challenges that every industry faces today. The companies have to use multiple systems to run business operations but ExpandERP brings the entire business cycle on a single interface. I think this is no less an innovation.

Okay, So Where Do You Want To Go From Here?

The journey is long. ExpandERP cloud offering is just the beginning. The company is working effortlessly to reach out to every Indian SMB who is willing to digitize and automate their workflow. We are working very hard and want to see every business information exchange happening on ExpandERP, making it indispensable.

What Do You Think With Bring A Better Tomorrow For ExpandERP?

The more businesses start realizing that their current system can be improved and made more functional and efficient with cloud ERP, ExpandERP will continue seeing its good days. With globalization and fierce competition, technology will bring the edge to any business. We will innovate of course, with the upgrade in technologies and advancements in the global business scenario. Let us just keep our fingers crossed and give our best in what we do best- innovating.

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