Tom Smith, of Weston, Florida, is a successful business owner and entrepreneur. He is the President of All Year Cooling and Heating, a Coral Springs, Florida-based air conditioning company that serves all of South Florida. The HVAC business specializes in home air conditioning unit installation and repair. Tom was born in Hollywood, Florida, and attended South Plantation High School in Plantation, Florida. Tom Smith was a hardworking self-starter from a young age. He began selling cars at the age of nineteen and soon had his own lot. Tom then successfully ran a business that bought and built houses. When he became the President of All Year Cooling and Heating, he returned to the industry where he grew up.

All Year Cooling and Heating has grown from a small company to a thriving and well-established business thanks to Tom Smith. Under his guidance, it has become one of the leading air conditioning companies in South Florida. All Year Cooling and Heating, based in Weston, Florida, and with a home office in Coral Springs, serves consumers from Vero Beach to Homestead. Tom is a fantastic leader who sets an example for others to follow. His commitment to providing exceptional customer service motivates his team to continuously produce high-quality work. Tom makes himself available to his customers at all times of the day to ensure that they can rely on him.

Tom Smith is a dedicated family man despite his hectic schedule as a business owner. He and his wife, Erin Smith, live in Weston, Florida, with their four children, where they are involved in a variety of community activities and charitable causes, including Project We Care, a family-based non-profit organization that provides food, clothing, home goods, and other necessities to veterans. Tom enjoys participating in his children’s activities, such as lacrosse, soccer, gymnastics, or coding, and spending time with his family creating new memories.

How did you come up with the idea for an “updated” All Year Cooling and Heating?

We identified a market need that gave rise to the concept for our upgraded version of All Year Cooling and Heating. We believed that our clients needed a more practical solution. There was no good reason why someone should have to wait two to three weeks to use their new air conditioner or even be compelled to stay with family or friends while we fixed their old one. We continue to offer exceptional service at a competitive price because we recognized an opportunity when others did not.

How long has your company been in operation? What areas does it specialize in?

Our air conditioning business specializes in setting up and fixing residential air conditioners. We have been in business for just under 50 years and have installed around a quarter of a million AC units. All Year Cooling and Heating provides same-day installs of the best brands throughout South Florida, from St. Lucie County to Homestead.

What was your motivation for becoming a business owner?

I’ve always been naturally entrepreneurial, and I enjoy the challenge of creating something from scratch. I started selling vehicles when I was 19 years old and soon had my own lot. Then I ran a building and home-buying operation successfully. Therefore, it was a natural fit when the chance to lead All Year Cooling and Heating presented itself.

What is a tactic that has aided in the expansion of your business?

We have attempted a number of effective marketing strategies, such as print advertising, event sponsorships, internet marketing initiatives on Google Adwords, Facebook ads, etc. However, for us, the website with its online store front administration system has provided the finest return on investment. Every purchase made through our website involves a tremendous amount of work. Our crew puts in a lot of effort to make sure every product fulfills our clients’ needs.

What have some of the toughest obstacles been for you as a business owner?

One of the biggest difficulties has been controlling growth while preserving our reputation for providing excellent customer service. As we’ve expanded, we’ve had to make sure that our team is prepared to handle an increasing workload while continuing to give our consumers the fantastic experience they have come to expect from All Year Cooling and Heating.

What was the biggest business setback you ever faced, and how did you bounce back?

My first several years as an owner were quite difficult. I had a really difficult time finding the proper candidates and implementing top-notch customer service. I discovered that everyone pretended to be doing me a favor by working for my business and exploited every opportunity to earn more money. This manifested itself in a decline in work ethic, a disregard for detail, and an uptick in stealing. After much trial and error, we eventually developed procedures and procedures that would ensure that everyone gave it their all and that our clients received the high-quality services they deserved.

Can you explain how the duties of an owner or president differ from those of the other leaders?

The main duty of an executive is to make sure the organization is accomplishing its objectives. This includes deciding on a strategy, allocating resources, and taking responsibility for outcomes. An executive must also be able to articulate the company’s goals and vision to other organizational executives. An executive must also have a thorough awareness of the markets they serve as well as the competitive environment.

What is the one thing you consistently do as an entrepreneur and advise everyone else to do?

This, in my opinion, is directly related to experience. I’ve learned that making decisions quickly and correctly is easier the more experience you have. Experience may not always imply success or resolution, but it does mean that you have learned from your mistakes and can avoid repeating them.

What is the most glaring contrast between your employment as it is now and how you anticipated it would be?

The amount of time I spend traveling is the biggest contrast between my job as it is now and how I anticipated it would be. I had anticipated spending more time in the office, but it turns out that I frequently travel to meet with clients or potential clients. It takes a lot more labor than I anticipated, but I still like doing it.

What pointers would you provide other business leaders to foster a great workplace culture? Can you give an example or a story?

I believe the most crucial thing for business executives to keep in mind when developing a great workplace culture is that their staff are also people. You must respect that they have personal life and families in addition to their profession. Our goal at All Year Cooling and Heating is to foster a family-like atmosphere among our staff members. We regularly celebrate one other’s accomplishments at company-wide events and outings. I believe it’s crucial to demonstrate to your staff that you value them as persons in addition to their work.

What industry trend most interests you?

Regarding products, I notice that consumers are becoming increasingly interested in those that are energy-efficient. Everyone wants to reduce their utility costs, particularly in Weston, Florida, or any other area of South Florida, where the weather may be extremely harsh for half the year. The smaller, more energy-efficient cooling alternatives we have, like our compact size wall unit or even a blower design that is small enough to be installed in your closet, thrill me the most.

What do you hope to achieve for All Year Cooling and Heating in the future?

My objective is to help the business expand while giving our clients the best support I can. In addition, I want to keep helping the community. We devote a lot of time to Project We Care, a nonprofit organization that offers food, clothing, and other basics to veterans. In the future, I hope to collaborate with them more often.


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