Tara Dewey grew up the youngest of 8 children in an Irish Catholic household. This cultural diversity gave her an appreciation for things that are different from standard American practices. Upon graduating Shenendahowa High School, she moved to Long Island, New York where she attended Stony Brook University. She soon graduated from there with a degree in business. She went on to work in the IT department for a mortgage company, which happened to be her first experience in that field. She found that she loved working in IT and that became the start of her career path. Unfortunately, the mortgage company eventually went out of business.

Tara worked as a consultant for a couple of years at another company and eventually began working in a business analyst role for a hospital. While there she gained valuable programming, application support, and electronic data interchange (EDI) experience. The knowledge acquired allowed her the opportunity to be well-rounded and to work in both a clinical and financial role for the hospital.

Tara is currently a business analyst who works as an independent contractor. She is hired by companies to help them streamline their workflow and has been doing this for ten years.

Tara is most passionate about traveling. Exploring the customs and various traditions of other countries always excite her and peak her curiosity. She has two children, Tour and Brady, and they are her pride and joy. She strongly feels that her children should be exposed to different customs and cultures. She is fortunate enough to have been able to bring them along on her travel ventures.

Does your company have a name?

No, I work as an independent contractor.  Companies hire me to come in and help them streamline their workflow and costs.

What inspired you to become a business analyst?

I always liked IT and enjoyed problem-solving. I was always compelled to want to find solutions to problems that are out there. I always had a natural knack for that.

How do you help to make the businesses that you analyze make money?

I help find efficient ways to process and analyze the workflow and especially eliminate waste. Discovering ways to streamline the business most efficiently is the goal. The most significant factor is a productive and effective output and saving money follows that.

How long did it take you to become skilled at what you do?

This field requires constant growth, and we are always coming up with new and improved ways of viewing and improving the workplace flow. Some tools and resources are available to help out along the way. Although I feel I am good at my job, I am always making sure to learn new processes in the field so I can better serve my clients.

When you were starting out as a business analyst, was there ever a time you doubted your knowledge and skills? If so, how did you handle that?

Absolutely! When starting in a new position, anyone may feel as if they are not qualified. However, to grow in anything they have to move past that doubt. Obstacles will arise along the way, but you just have to navigate through those experiences and find alternatives that will work. Once you understand the needs and goals of a company, you can formulate a plan and help them prioritize and run a smooth operation.

How did you get your first job as a business analyst?

I was working for a mortgage company, and I had friends in the IT department. They took notice of my passion and drive for the field, and I was placed in a position with the company. I started out as a Systems Analyst and worked my way up the ladder from there.

What advice would you give prospective business analysts?

Always stay curious! Do your research and never stop seeking solutions to problems.

What is the toughest decision you’ve had to make in the last few months?

I had to choose between work and family.  I chose to help my family for which I had to take some time off because I have a brother with MS. I took him into my home for the last few months of his life. It was a tough decision but I am glad that I was able to spend that time with him. We were able to bond and spend that time together as a close family, which is my most precious gift.  I will surely miss him.

What do you think it is that makes you successful?

I believe it is my drive that makes me successful because I am one that never gives up easily. Keeping my head up and always remaining positive has been essential to my success. These traits have helped grow not only professionally, but personally too.

What has been your most satisfying moment as a business analyst?

One of my clients is a hospital and knowing that what I’m implementing in the hospital is helping to improve the lives of the patients there is very satisfying. I have learned to understand the needs of the nurses, the patients, and the hospital as a whole so that an effective workflow can be implemented. This helps the nurses offer better care for their patients.  Understanding that nurses are always busy and on the move helped me to recommend equipment that they can carry and enter information from any point in the hospital

What does the future hold for your career and what are you most excited about?

I plan to learn more technology processes and strategies. Having the ability to help out the patients always keeps me excited. Technology is where the patient care has markedly improved. So, I will absorb all of the new information so that I remain current.

What is a recent purchase that you’ve made that has been helpful for you to accomplish your professional goals?

I’ve been taking independent online classes in Java to improve my proficiency and enhance my personal growth. It is vital to be up to date on all of the latest technology trends. When a new class opens up, I will be signing up for that one too!

What is your main mission in life?

My main mission is to create a happy, harmonious life for my family, and to have job satisfaction.

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