Sheraz Khan of Longueuil is a building specialist in Canada. Sheraz earned a bachelor’s degree in engineering from Concordia University in Brossard, Québec, Canada.  Sheraz worked at the Montreal Research Facility of Lafarge Cement Canada, where he adjusted quality control for gears and did technical evaluations for such machines, among other tasks pertaining to his degree’s specialty. Sheraz also taught, which allowed him to put his math, physics, and engineering skills to good use by teaching and inspiring secondary school students, as well as assessing and analyzing their performance with both parents and their children. He also did property investing, acquiring, upgrading, and reselling throughout Montreal’s south side.

In his previous role, Mr. Khan was responsible for a variety of duties, including structure, architecture, administration, engineering, and execution, as well as laws and norms. He was also in charge of overseeing, maintaining, and upgrading the property rental process. Sheraz Khan, on the other hand, functioned as a property manager until recently. Sheraz’s duties included assisting with the day-to-day operations of real estate investment, supervising all types of real estate ranging from small homes to big residential buildings, and handling rents, which also included everything from pinpointing property owners to reporting concerns and conducting evictions. He had to advertise the residences to make up for any shortfalls, as well as check the property and look for problems.

Sheraz Khan devoted his time and effort into studying a variety of software and programs, including MS Office and Photoshop, C++, Matlab, ANYSIS, AutoCAD, CATIA and Solid Works, and Labview, in order to fulfill all of the roles and responsibilities he is assigned to do.

Besides his own individual jobs, Sheraz also co-owns a building consultants’ business with his partner Richard Keith Lenon.

How did you get the idea of becoming a building consultant?

I have a lot of experience as a team leader in the construction industry, and I thought it was time to put my experience to use as an advisor. Working as a consultant appealed to me since it enabled me to take on things that I am passionate about.

Furthermore, functioning as a consultant would allow me to expand my skills and experience while also allowing me to uncover new uses for my experience.

How do you make money?

My goal is to give my clients with the information and skills they require. In addition, I use the information and expertise I’ve gained during my studies and career, as well as my leadership skills, to advise and manage my team toward our objective of creating what the client requires. Because of the significance of the construction industry in all societies, many construction businesses approach me on a daily basis to get their jobs completed and, as a result, get them closer to their ideal product. Honestly, I do my best throughout the consultations not only for profit, but also mainly due to how passionate I am when it comes to this field and the vast variables and possibilities that could be achieved in it.

How long did it take for you to become profitable?

While construction consultations are constantly in high demand, it was nevertheless difficult to acquire the clients’ trust. Despite the difficulties I had along the way, I persevered until I was able to build a name for myself. My business took off after I acquired the trust and happiness of my initial clients, and despite the pressure, I was able to secure more work in the field.

Did you ever doubt your own potential? And if yes, how did you handle that?

At first, I had a major skepticism that severely hampered my possibilities. The fear was that I wouldn’t be able to deliver excellent advisory services and do investigation which would not only bring in new clients but also improve my credibility. However, with perseverance, conviction, and dedication, as well as the management qualities I gained from heading a previous group in the business, I was able to overcome that obstacle, allowing me to be as productive as possible. It was then that I discovered how perseverance and commitment might assist me in tackling any challenge that might arise, especially in this industry, which I adore.

What kind of strategy did you follow in order to help your business grow?

I am very accessible when it comes to bills. I make absolutely sure that my clients understand what I performed on every invoice. Over the years, I’ve did hear a lot of accounts about corporations being paid for something they are not sure about. I make sure that my clients are never left with unanswered problems. It preserves the trust between the employer and the contractor.

It was only through this that I was able to gain ever more clients, which in turn helped me build a large network that allowed me to achieve spectacular popularity without having to go through the difficulties I had at the start of my venture.

What is one theme that you have been excited about?

I am interested in incorporating all sorts of simulation software, in addition to artificial intelligence into the construction industry. I feel like the inclusion of these types of tools would provide more possibilities while reducing the dangers and the failure rate of construction projects.

What is the toughest decision you’ve had to make in the last few months?

The work in the construction industry came to a halt during the ongoing COVID 19 outbreak which, consequently, resulted in a decline in consultation requests for my business. On top of that, I was unable to see my parents, friends, or other dear people as a result of the pandemic. That, however, does not limit my creativity; rather, it allows me more room to grow and succeed in both my area of expertise and as a head of the group with whom I am now functioning.

Are you willing to be a mentor? If so, how should someone contact you?

Yes, I’d like to assist as a mentor. I was blessed to have fantastic parents who walked me through my journey and offered me all the assistance I required, which is why I feel obligated to spread that knowledge and help this flame that I have been granted to burn even hotter on a larger scale. If somebody is sincerely interested, they can consider contacting the office and arrange for an appointment, and I will be happy to meet with all of them and help them as much as possible.


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