Many of us go through life never taking the time to reflect on the contributions that we naturally give to the world. Nor do we check the pulse of whether or not we have found and explored the gifts that we have been given. Shawn Alderton has identified both of these aspects of her life and has brought her gifts and experience to fruition through Affluent Amore Matchmakers.

Shawn Alderton is the owner and founder of Affluent Amore Matchmakers, an exclusive Matchmaking Service, for busy discerning professionals, located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  There are many services who profess the ability to assist people with finding the love of their life. The difference in an online dating service and a matchmaking service is the attention to detail and the quality of the search itself. A dating service may work on raw data with a basic criteria match. As a client of a matchmaking service, Shawn will spend hours getting to know her clients. She will ascertain goals and requirements for each individual client. She will become an advocate for their heart.

What separates Shawn Alderton and Affluent Amore Matchmakers from all of the rest?  Shawn Alderton attended the Matchmaker Institute in New York and is the only board-certified matchmaker in the state. She has met and collaborated with the top matchmakers internationally. She has access to the network database of quality singles across the country, and internationally. The database provides greater access to meet quality individuals that you would not be able to meet through friends, family, or other online dating services.

Shawn Alderton is a graduate of Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her career as a recruiter for over ten years enhanced her skills and ability to intuitively match people with their goals and desires. Affluent Amore Matchmakers can provide matchmaking services to anyone who joins the database at The primary area of service has been provided to clients in the Milwaukee metro area. It has expanded its reach to provide matchmaking services in the Chicago metro area.

How did you get started In Affluent Amore Matchmakers? What inspired you to do so?

My inspiration came from a friend. I started Affluent Amore Matchmakers after having a profound conversation with a friend who was recovering from a life-threatening surgery. We were evaluating the importance of how we spend our time throughout life and the value of the quality of time in our careers in retrospect. Looking forward, I decided that the two objectives that had to be met are that I have to do what I love, and I have to give back to the community. I really wanted to make a difference with people. My friend immediately said, you would make the most amazing matchmaker. I laughed, because we were in Wisconsin. But I had done this all of my life. I had a solid background as a recruiter. I have excellent intuition about people. I can feel their energy. I went online and researched. I found the Matchmaker Institute in New York. I knew immediately that this is what I was supposed to do. I became a certified matchmaker soon after and went on T.V. to advertise the business, and had my first client that Friday. I get immense gratification from what I do.

How does your firm make money?

We charge a fee to our clients. More specifically, we spend 2-3 hours on an initial interview. We find out exactly what they need in a long-term partner. In addition, we find out what their relationship goals are, and everything about them. After that, we take it from there. We do phone interviews, facetime interviews, and ultimately meetings.  This is a very personalized service and not just based on algorithms.  Each person has to be authentic and true and honest. It is a very long process. I prepare people to meet, I set up restaurant reservations, I get feedback from people after each meeting from both people. I see if they want to move forward. Women can join a complementary database for free. There is a possibility they can go on a free introduction. Most matchmakers charge a registration fee to join the database. The people who want our full attention and guaranteed introductions are the people who become our clients.

How long did it take for your firm to become profitable?

I became profitable in the first month. I invested my own money instead of going for a loan. I got the word out in Milwaukee metro area on TV and magazines, and it took off from there.

When you first started out did you ever doubt that this would work for you? If so, how did you handle it?

I never doubted whether or not this was the right decision for me. It is not an easy thing to do, but it suits my personality, experience, and belief that everyone deserves love. And, that there is somebody for everyone who is out there. I keep on top of the latest information available in the industry. My intuition gave me the go ahead to do this and I never looked back.

How did you find your first customer?

I found my first client through Morning Blend, a TV show where I first introduced my business. A woman watched me on TV that morning and called me that day and said my best friend really needs your help.  She explained to her friend what she had learned. We set up a meeting that week. He was my first client.

What is one marketing strategy other than referrals that you use to generate new business?

I have been in the business for several years now. I have expanded into the Chicago market. On top of that, I have matched a couple from Milwaukee and Chicago. There is no danger compared to online dating sites. I work with people who are committed to a long-term relationship.

What is the toughest decision that you have had to make in the past few months?

I think that the toughest decisions to make is on how to allocate money. It is quite a large investment to advertise and to recruit. You try to make the best decisions for the business.

What do you think makes you successful?

I think that I am successful because I am in this for the right reasons. I have a passion for what I do. It is to help people find love and to be connected.  I help people find that connection. There are many lonely people in this world and that leads to pain.

What has been your most satisfying moment since starting Affluent Amore Matchmakers?

I have had many matches and many weddings occur throughout my time in the business. The most rewarding match was when I was working with a gentleman who found out he had a serious illness after his introduction that turned into dating. She had moved from Illinois to Milwaukee to be with him. She was by his side through his ordeal. He wrote to me and told me that he would not have made it through without her. They eloped and are very happily married. Later I found out that he had popped the question at the same restaurant I had set them up for on their first date. This is one of many satisfying moments. This is one of many satisfying movements.

What does the future hold for you and Affluent Amore Matchmakers? What are you most excited about?

I came back from the professional matchmaker cruise. I will be expanding my business to offer other services. It will be a day-coaching class. The service will be offered as the best of the best services which focuses on making client’s more date-able. I will be able to do everything possible to make them put their best foot forward before going on any date. I am an advocate for my clients, go above and beyond for them and am always available to my clients almost 24/7.  I am available to my clients almost 24/7.

What books have inspired you?

Five Languages of Love by Gary Chapman.  He has different versions of his book, including one for teens. I think it is so important that everyone should read it. It shows how to make your partner really feel loved. Also, how to nurture the relationship.

The last question is your question is an ask and answer:

It is free to go on to our website:  I really believe in the power of love. For people out there, who either get depressed or who have lost hope, don’t give up hope. Just put one foot in front of the other.  If people work with me, I do everything within my power to find your ideal life partner.

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