Nikki Noya was born in Newport Beach, California. She grew up playing volleyball, surfing, and swimming, activities that helped shape her career. She is a lifestyle expert driven by the belief that a strong, confident body will benefit you for a lifetime.

The former professional volleyball player is currently the Co-Host and Executive Producer at On It Media. She hosts the weekly nationally syndicated lifestyle and travel show, The Jet Set, alongside travel expert Booby Laurie.

Nikki obtained her BA in Communication degree from the University of Rhode Island, where she studied on a full volleyball scholarship. After graduation, she joined the AVP Next Pro Beach Beach Volleyball as a professional player.

Born of adventurous parents, Nikki also loved traveling since childhood. Her passion for sports, health, and adventure gradually morphed into media appearances.  She started doing health and fitness segments on various news outlets, notably CNN.

She also shared her knowledge for healthy living and travel through her Fit to Fly segments on The Jet Set.  These segments integrated travel and fitness, showcasing workouts, fitness-oriented vacations, and spa retreats.

Nikki joined the Jet Set TV team in 2016 as the lifestyle expert, and thanks to her diligence and hard work, she became a co-host in 2018. Besides being a media personality and tv producer,  she is a busy mom, beauty queen author and philanthropist

She is Vice president of Dress For Success Miami and Mrs. Dc America 2019. She engages in a wide range of charitable causes through her two family foundation.

How did you become a TV host? 

I started doing fitness segments while I was a trainer at Sports Club LA in Rockefeller Center for the Today Show. That led to fitness segments on various shows which I loved. I got the opportunity to create my own fitness segment for The Jet Set, and had so much fun I was brought on as co-host!

What was your reaction when The Jet Set co-hosting opportunity presented itself?

I had no prior hosting experience, but I am a fast learner, hard worker and team player. All my experience in athletics helped prepare me for this dream job.

What’s that one destination that cemented your love for traveling?

My family trips to Colorado really made a lasting impression on me. Travel has been a fun, exciting, and fantastic experience for me since childhood.

What is the most satisfying thing about your current job?

The People. I get to meet new people and learn about their cultures and traditions. It’s always amazing to meet people who are ready to share their customs with you. We were just in Tennessee and the people are so wonderful.

Where were you when the news of quarantine at the start of the COVID19 pandemic broke?

I was in Washington, D.C. having just returned from a west coast trip. It was wild! My number 1 concern is always the health and safety of my family. We spent a lot of time together which was wonderful in such uncertain times.

What were the conversations like with your production team about how to proceed forward through this weird time?

We had to be innovative and creative to keep entertaining and to inform our viewers. We even produced the show from our homes for about six months in 2020.

What did you do to keep a travel show on the air when you were grounded?

The Jet Set is much more than just a travel show. Besides keeping viewers in the loop on new lifestyle trends and travel insights, we discuss technology, recipes, parenting, lifestyle hacks, and more. We always had interesting and informative stuff to share with our views despite travel restrictions.

What was the response like? Did more or fewer people want to see and view travel content when no one could travel?

The response was beyond our expectations. While we couldn’t travel, we still produced great content that resonated with our viewers. And since people couldn’t travel, we brought the world to their living rooms through informative content from across the globe.

What’s the show like now? Have you started back on the road again?

Since we got cleared for Season 6 at the end of January, we are busier than ever! The travel industry is quickly gathering momentum, and so are we. The airlines are flying, and hotels are open.  I’m ready to travel and explore again and share the experience with our viewers.

Besides being a media personality, what other interests do you have?

My husband and I engage in several philanthropic causes. I am vice president of Dress for Success Miami, which focuses on empowering women to achieve economic independence. I am also chairperson of the Noya/Fields Family Foundation, supporting educational, environmental, and veterans causes.

What’s your favorite quote?

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take and fortune favors the bold.

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