H!ero Inc., founded by Needa Onechanch,  is a company that has taken the business world by storm with their innovative approach to success. With over a decade of experience in the industry, H!ero Inc. has broken barriers and set the standards for a multifaceted business model. As the company celebrates their 11th anniversary in July of 2023, it’s important to look back on their accomplishments while appreciating the potential of their future. H!ero Inc. has truly challenged traditional business models and paved the way for a modern, progressive approach. As businesses continue to evolve in an age of rapid change, H!ero Inc. serves as a prime example of how, with an innovative mindset, a company can achieve exponential growth and expansion. H!ero Inc’s vision has not only benefited the company itself, but has also created opportunities for success among their partners and customers. Founders, Needa Onechanh and Leah Young discuss further the approach H!ero takes and how they find the employees that make up the great team a H!ERO In.c

What approach does H!ERO takes that sets them apart from their competitors?

H!ero is an innovative consulting firm that has been making waves in the business world with our unique approach to staying ahead of the competition. Established with a vision for crafting personalized outreach programs and campaigns, H!ero has become a trailblazer in the industry. Our team of experts is known for taking a creative and dynamic approach to every project they work on, always looking to tackle challenges from a fresh perspective. By putting ourselves in the shoes of buyers, we have been able to develop interactive methods that cut through the noise and boost exposure and awareness. With H!ero, businesses can be sure that they are getting a tailor-made consulting experience that is specifically designed for the needs of today’s consumer landscape.

How is your relationship with clients different from your competitors?

At H!ERO INC., our passion for authentic connections runs deep. We understand that in today’s world, it’s not just about selling a product, but creating a relationship between consumers and the brands they love. This is why we specialize in personal interactions – because we’ve seen time and time again that it works. We’re not just a company looking to make a quick buck. Instead, we’re guided by our values and fueled by our desire to bring energy and excitement to every initiative. To us, “personal” means more than just a buzzword – it’s at the core of everything we do. We take great care to ensure that every brand experience we create meets people where they are, no matter where that happens to be. At H!ERO INC., we approach every campaign from the buyer’s point of view, using our knowledge to boost exposure and awareness for our clients. We’re proud of our work, because we know that by focusing on personal interactions, we’re making a real difference.

Can you tell us about how your employees embody the mission at H!ERO?

 At H!ERO INC., utilizing our branding specialists is a top priority. These experts are not just knowledgeable, but they possess impeccable interpersonal skills that help build great relationships. They are professional and strategic in their approach, representing clients with only the best. As ambassadors of the company, these experts focus on building relationships that bring fast profits and long-term growth. H!ERO INC. has a remarkable track record of delivering results, and the branding specialists are a big part of that success. They work tirelessly to dissect strategies used to see what worked and what didn’t – that’s how the company makes the necessary adjustments needed to stay ahead of the game. The branding specialists at H!ERO INC. do not just represent the company, they embody the values of excellence and commitment that are the foundation of the company’s ethos. And this ethos is what drives the company’s continued success.

Are you currently looking for additions to the team at H!IERO?

 When H!ERO was founded, our focus was on helping small businesses thrive. However, as we grew, we realized that the only way to do this effectively was by having a driven and passionate team behind us. That’s why we’re coming up on our biggest recruiting season of the year, looking for college students and recent graduates to join us.  If you’re a determined and passionate individual looking for a chance to grow professionally and personally, then H!ERO is the perfect place for you.

What makes H!ERO a great place to work?

At H!ERO INC., we know that our seasoned managers truly understand what it takes to succeed within our company. After all, they started their careers here, and they have worked tirelessly to get where they are today which is why we offer One on One coaching. One of the fundamental pillars of our organization is teamwork and collaboration, which is why our team members always strive to work together in perfect unison to achieve our shared mission. We also believe in the importance of rewarding hard work, which is why we offer travel opportunities to our top-performing team members. Whether it’s attending regional trainings, national conferences or exotic retreats, these trips serve as both an exciting reward and a chance for us to build closer relationships with one another. Additionally, we understand that personal and professional growth require networking with other business leaders and community influencers, which is why we provide ample opportunities for our team members to connect with these individuals through various professional development events.


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