Natalie Schubert is the Chief Executive Officer at Daida, LLC, a leader in data and information management systems. With a distinguished career that began after graduating from Miami University in 1990 with a degree in Accounting and Information Systems, Natalie has demonstrated profound expertise in navigating the complexities of the tech industry. Her educational journey also includes studies in Organizational Leadership at Harvard University, enhancing her strategic leadership skills.

Before her current role at Daida, Natalie held several significant positions at Ricoh USA, Inc., where she excelled as Vice President in various capacities, leading teams through extensive restructuring and launching innovative technology solutions. Her tenure at Ricoh was marked by driving digital transformation and delivering significant revenue growth. This experience was preceded by pivotal roles at IKON Office Solutions, where she was instrumental in turning around general business lines and significantly exceeding sales targets.

Natalie’s entrepreneurial spirit was evident early in her career when she founded the Financial Intelligence Network, offering consulting services on merger and acquisition strategies to mid-sized companies. Her commitment extends beyond professional achievements; she is deeply passionate about mentorship, supporting early-career business professionals, and promoting diversity in the tech field.

Residing in Central New Jersey with her husband and three daughters, Natalie enjoys international travel and activities close to water, enriching her life with diverse cultural experiences and a profound appreciation for global perspectives. Her leadership is not only recognized through numerous industry awards but also through her impactful contributions to technology and business strategy.

How did you get started in this business?

I began my journey in the business world after graduating from Miami University with a degree in Accounting and Information Systems. My first significant role was in the finance and accounting department of a Fortune 500 company, which provided a solid foundation in corporate financial practices. Seeking more dynamic challenges, I founded the Financial Intelligence Network, focusing on merger and acquisition strategies. This entrepreneurial venture sharpened my strategic skills, paving the way to senior roles at IKON Office Solutions and later Ricoh USA, before taking on the role of CEO at Daida.

How does your company make money?

At Daida, our revenue primarily comes from developing and selling advanced data and information management systems. My role as CEO involves steering our strategic direction to ensure product innovation aligns with market needs, thus driving sales. I am also directly involved in overseeing major projects and partnerships that enhance our market position and profitability, ensuring we continue to expand our customer base while maintaining efficiency and cost-effectiveness in our operations.

How does your company go about acquiring new customers?

Daida acquires new customers through a blend of targeted advertising, strategic partnerships, and a robust sales strategy. We utilize digital marketing to reach potential clients across various industries, emphasizing the unique benefits of our data management solutions. Our sales team is pivotal, engaging directly with prospective customers to understand their needs and tailor our offerings. We also attend and present at industry conferences and seminars to showcase our technology and thought leadership.

How did you work your way up in this business?

My career progression involved several strategic roles across different companies. Starting from a base in finance, I transitioned to a more consultative role with my own company, which later led to leadership positions at IKON Office Solutions and Ricoh USA. Each role, from Strategic Account Executive to Vice President of various departments, equipped me with a deeper understanding of business operations and client relations, setting the stage for my current position as CEO.

What made you want to work in this industry?

I was drawn to the tech industry due to its dynamic nature and the profound impact technology can have on streamlining businesses and improving lives. The continuous evolution in the tech field offers endless opportunities for innovation and problem-solving, which aligns with my passion for challenges and making a difference. The potential to lead in areas like data management and AI was particularly compelling, as these are pivotal in shaping future business landscapes.

What is it that you feel makes you good at your job?

My strengths lie in strategic thinking, leadership, and a relentless focus on innovation. I thrive on challenges and possess a strong ability to anticipate market trends, which allows me to lead my company effectively. My interpersonal skills also help in building strong teams and fostering a collaborative work environment, essential traits for driving company-wide success in the competitive tech industry.

What are the perks of working in this type of business?

Working in the tech industry offers numerous perks, including the opportunity to be at the forefront of innovation. The industry’s fast pace allows for rapid development and learning, which is incredibly fulfilling. Additionally, tech roles often offer flexibility in work arrangements, such as remote work, which can lead to a better work-life balance. The satisfaction of creating solutions that can dramatically improve efficiency and productivity for businesses globally is also a significant perk.

What are the disadvantages of working in this field?

The tech industry is highly competitive, which can sometimes lead to a high-pressure environment. The rapid pace of change, while exciting, also demands constant learning and adaptation, which might not suit everyone. Long hours and the necessity to keep up with continuous technological advancements can be challenging as well.

What’s the most rewarding part of your work?

The most rewarding aspect of my work is seeing the tangible impacts our products and services have on our clients’ businesses. Innovating solutions that not only meet but exceed client expectations and drive their success is immensely fulfilling. Additionally, mentoring and developing future leaders within our company provides a profound sense of accomplishment, knowing that I contribute to their growth and career success.

Where is your industry headed? What excites you about the future of this line of work?

The tech industry is rapidly advancing towards more integrated and intelligent solutions, particularly with the rise of AI and machine learning. What excites me about the future is the potential for these technologies to transform how businesses operate and engage with customers. The prospect of leading a company during this transformative era, where data becomes a pivotal asset, is exhilarating and drives my passion for innovation.

What advice do you give people who want to get into your field of work?

For those aspiring to enter the tech field, my advice is to embrace learning and be adaptable. The tech industry evolves quickly, so staying curious and proactive in learning new skills is crucial. Additionally, build a robust professional network and seek mentors who can guide you. Understanding the business side of technology will also enhance your ability to contribute effectively and advance in this field.

Are you willing to be a mentor? If so, how should someone contact you?

I am passionate about mentorship and always open to guiding emerging leaders and professionals in the tech industry. Interested individuals can reach out to me via LinkedIn for mentorship opportunities and further discussions.


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