Myriam Borg founded Create  Australia and help found the refund industry in Australia and New Zealand in 1999. A University of Technology graduate in Adult Education & Training, Myriam has found a small untapped niche market in refunding billions of dollars in lost and assets in Australia, New Zealand and the US markets. She quickly set about assisting individuals and companies gain their rightful refund of monies owed to them. She has worked in training adults in the area of business for 29 years.

She is the author of the highly acclaimed business program (2020 version) The Refund Consulting Program. Myriam’s program taught thousands  of individuals across Australia, New Zealand, USA and the UK.

In 2020 Myriam finds herself busy focusing on her students who will become the new refund  consultants entering the industry. It is an exciting, dynamic and fast-moving industry, so supporting refund consultants she has a number of great projects in the pipeline to ensure that the refund industry is kept educated, resourced and performing to high professional standards.

On the personal front being a mother of 3 keeps her busy. Some of her hobbies include sailing, traveling and seeing our beautiful world with her family. She lives for short periods of time in overseas destinations, preferring warmer climates. She has recently started and quickly became obsessed with Pilates, finding herself quite the fitness fanatic!

How did you get started in this business? What inspired you to start this business?

I was a corporate business trainer, I had a 4-year-old and found myself pregnant. I couldn’t do the corporate career and two babies so I went looking for answers and found refunding money to individuals and  companies very rewarding, I had a mission and a purpose and it helped me grow as a person and as a business person.

Billions of un-refunded monies and assets that just lie there, doing nothing before the government reclaims them as consolidated revenue and took them over for the public purse. It didn’t sit well with me that good folks money gets taken without their knowledge. So, I went about assisting people get refunds of these lost monies and in the process started teaching others how to do the same. An entire industry was born and my business is centered around it. There is a huge need for the refund of these funds which are held in limbo in trust. So that is what I do.

How long did it take for you to become profitable?

I was profitable within 6 months. I think starting a business from scratch is a great way to learn & grow, I recommend the experience to anyone. Positives or negatives, it helps you learn & grow. I think the reason why people fail in business is that often there is a lack of clarity as to why they want to be in business in the first place, and so they don’t develop their perfect business or perfect fit.

As a trainer to new business startups, I see people make wrong choices all the time because they have not invested the amount of time needed to make a proper initial assessment and within 6 months or a year later they give it up completely. Business is one of the best tools to wealth & growth.

When you were starting out, was there ever a time you doubted it would work? If so, how did you handle that?

Never. I am an all or nothing girl. My mother advised me to stick with my career. My husband criticized it and friends gave me their unsolicited opinions as to why business is a bad idea but I was very clear as to what I wanted and how to go about it.

This is the approach I advise people to take. Luke warm and doubtful is not the way to start in business. Be prepared, yes. Be resourced and informed yes, but not doubtful. Of course, business will challenge you constantly and you just deal with it and keep moving forwards.

How did you get your first customer?

I have built and sold 3 businesses with one of them being my first refund agency. I advertised it for sale myself and got flooded with interest, I sold the agency in 3 weeks. There were a few people who were very interested and when I sold the agency a couple were understandably upset that they had missed out. One lady said to me, “ok so it’s sold, how about you teach me how to do this business”? Well, that was right up my alley and my refund consulting training business was born.

What do you enjoy about your business?

I love seeing people succeed. I love setting up business up and seeing people transformed as a direct result of business success!

The confidence, self-esteem & happiness that results from succeeding in business is something addictive. I love being part of the process & seeing that.

I think as a society we think success in business requires some sort of special “secret” formula, which is not true. Success in business is a result of clarity, knowledge and sheer hard work!

What is the toughest decision you’ve had to make in the last few years?

I think doing things for the greater good of the industry that in many ways I am the custodian of. Putting the industry above personal gain, it’s an ethical question that I have had to come to terms with. Most businesses only need to worry about profits, mine has a duty of care towards the industry , which conflicts with growth plans or profitability.

Profits or the greater good? I choose the greater good. A pure capitalist would call me foolish, but I sleep well at night making decisions I can live with.

What do you think it is that makes you successful?

I believe in the power of intention. If you come into anything with genuinely good intentions that will bear fruit and opportunities will find you, networks come into your business life and success finds you. I am also pragmatic and very determined which helps a lot. Business is not for the soft skinned, but it is A LOT of fun!

What has been your most satisfying moment in business?

I had a lot of those! I think seeing my clients flourishing in business two decades plus after we assisted them and set them up in the industry is pretty damn satisfying. Succeeding in business is awesome, but helping hundreds succeed is gratifying beyond words. Again, it’s all about finding a legacy and honoring it.

What does the future hold for your business? What are you most excited about?

I am a classic type A personality, very big picture, so I really have to pace myself. I think there are great things in store for us in the coming years. Our business model has grown to be a very mature platform, we offer something very unique and very genuine and we are growing it further so stay  tuned!

What business books have inspired you?

I love Richard Branson, he is fun, naughty and brilliant. I feel an infinity to his style so I have read all his books. Screw It, Let’s Do It is a good one. As a youngster I read the classics in success psychology like Think and Grow RichRich Dad Poor DadThe Science of Getting RichThe Richest Man in Babylon, and many books by Tony Robbins – he has impacted me a fair bit. Feeding your mind is critically important.

What is a recent purchase you have made that’s helped with your business?

I think a portable tiny video camera so I can do easy recordings, video training is so much easier. I run my business from anywhere, it enables me to do short training from anywhere. Long live technology! 

What is the point of difference that you deliver?

We have a business program that delivers an amazing lifestyle business that can deliver very rewarding income stream, which allows anyone to be in their very own business, its called the Refund Consulting Program, a business in a box so to speak. Working flexibly and portably, becoming their own boss within a matter of weeks. Nothing else really matches up.

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