Meyr Aviv graduated from high school and then spent the next three years serving in the army. After finishing his service, he married and moved to the U.S. in 1999 where he began working at a moving company in New York.

He discovered an interest in the moving industry and began to work his way up through the company. Meyr Aviv decided to become an entrepreneur and opened his own national moving company where he networked with moving companies all over the U.S. This company turned into Moving APT, a licensed moving broker.

Now a family of three, Meyr Aviv divides his time between Moving APT, his 3 other companies and being at home with his wife and baby.

How did you get started in this business? What inspired you?

When I first moved to the United States, I found a job at a moving company in New York. After I moved up through that company for a few years, I knew I wanted to open my own company. I didn’t want it to just be another moving company. I wanted it to be the company that finds the clients for the moving companies. That is when I started Moving APT. From there I kept moving up. What inspires me, drives me, is the will to always move up.

When you were starting out, was there ever a time you doubted it would work? If so, how did you handle that?

You will have doubts and sometimes you have a bad moment. That’s normal. What I recommend to everyone is there will always be entrepreneurial coaching available in whatever path or field you want to go in. So if you read a good book or go search online, it will help to keep you motivated. Always try to be positive.

What is a typical day like in the life of Meyr Aviv?

I like to wake up early and start my day with a workout. I choose from swimming, jogging or going to the gym. After that, I spend some time with my baby before I have any phone meetings at home. I usually go into the office around 11 a.m. and then I check my emails and attend meetings. There are usually more phone meetings while I’m at the office, and I’m responding to emails all day. I usually stay at the Moving APT office until 7:00pm or 8:00pm.

What has been your most satisfying moment in your career?

There have been a lot of good moments throughout my career, but also a lot of the not so good ones. A satisfying moment for me has been taking a business from nothing and making it a successful company, Moving APT.

What are you most excited about for the future of your career?

I want to take Moving APT or one of my other companies and really make it succeed. I want people to say, “Wow” when I tell them about it. I think when I finally reach that, that is when I will retire.

What technological advances have assisted you in developing your business?

I use a lot of different software, apps, texting, email, etcetera. And when I combine them all together, and use them at the right times, they all help to make Moving APT successful.

What books have inspired you?

“The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” by Robin Sharma because it gives you a perspective on life. Sometimes we are so busy day to day that we forget about the big picture. Usually we don’t think about these things until someone passes away, but we should always be thinking about the bigger picture in life. It will make you a better person.

Do you have any hobbies you do in your spare time?

I like to work out by swimming, jogging, or going to the gym. I love being on a boat. I also love to travel to new places whenever I can; I recently returned from Costa Rica.

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