Michael Wisniewski is a Business Development expert based in the Hartford CT. Throughout his 10-year career in business development, he has developed unparalleled knowledge and experience in building strategic relationships and identifying opportunities for long-term business growth.

Mike Wisniewski started his career in 2009 at the University of Connecticut, serving as a Business Development Manager. Mike helped the institution market various technologies besides facilitating networking between entrepreneurs and industry contacts.

Michael Wisniewski also got an opportunity to work with Globant, a leading IT and Software Development company operating in South America, Europe, and Asia. As a management consultant, he helped the company develop marketing, recruiting, and business development strategies.

He also worked for Connecticut Innovations, CT’s largest tech-oriented venture capital firm, for five years in different capacities. One of his outstanding achievements at CI is successfully sourcing, structuring, and negotiating investment deals with companies in fintech, clean energy, medical device, healthcare IT, and legal technology industries.

He also successfully managed a portfolio of 30 companies worth more than $100 million. Another corporation that benefited from Michael Wisniewski’s professional skills and experience is Waterlogic USA, manufacturer and provider of bottle-less water coolers to millions of consumers across the globe. As the Corporate Development Manager, M&A, he helped the company identify small businesses for acquisition to promote corporate growth strategies.

Michael Wisniewski of CT has a Bachelor’s Degree in Pre-law and holds an MBA in Venture Consulting from the University of Connecticut School of Business. He also has several professional certifications, including a Professional Certificate for Technology Entrepreneurship and the Lean Startup from Stanford University and Professional Certificate for Venture Capital & Private Equity from Venture Capital Institute.

Why did you choose this profession?

I have always been interested in entrepreneurship, and I have a true passion for business. To ensure I was well equipped with the proper knowledge to excel, I pursued an MBA in Venture Consulting. With that, I have a Professional Certificate for Tech Entrepreneurship and the Lean Startup from Stanford University taught by Steve Blank – an experiential learning accelerator that I was a part of and shaped my career. While in college, I engaged in various activities that helped nurture my leadership and management skills.

While an MBA student, I  served as Vice-Chair of the UConn Co-op bookstore Board of Directors. I also worked as Management Consultant for a semester at Globant, a software development company in Argentina.

What are some of your most significant accomplishments?

I have helped many companies build strategic business relationships in various industries. As an Investment Associate at Connecticut Innovations, I successfully sourced and negotiated investment deals with companies in multiple sectors, including fintech, medical devices, clean energy, legal technology, and healthcare IT. I also successfully managed a portfolio of 30 firms worth over $100 million.

As the Corporate Development Manager, M&A, at Waterlogic, I sourced, negotiated, and closed three acquisitions in 2018, promoting EBITDA growth. Additionally, I initiated conversations and networking across the US and Canada, consequently completing at least 90 in-person meetings with prospective business sellers.

As the Senior Strategic Account Manager at DAA, I helped the engineering consulting firm grow revenue through sales and marketing strategies that contributed to its acquisition by Engineering USA (EUSA) in June 2021.

I’m proud of helping to co-found the Entrepreneurship Program for Veterans with Disabilities at the University of Connecticut back in 2010 that still runs today.

What is one marketing strategy that has been effective for you in generating new business?

Making valuable, personal connections and offering true solutions to save time and money for those clients.

What is the most challenging decision you’ve had to make in your profession?

In the world of business, each decision has its challenges. However, I would say that deal sourcing has been the most challenging, find the right fit, right budget ,at the right time. Nonetheless, I have successfully sourced, evaluated, negotiated, and closed multiple deals over my 10-year career.

Why do you think you have been successful in your profession?

Great passion for what I do, discipline, and dedication. Besides having a passion for your work, you need to stay positive and be consistent in pursuing your goals. It’s also important to surround yourself with the right people.

What are you most excited about?

I look forward to sharing my expertise and vast experience with entrepreneurs and businesses, helping them identify opportunities for long-term growth.

Do you engage in any charities or mentorship programs?

I participate in several economic empowerment programs. In 2009, I co-founded the University of Connecticut Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Veterans with Disabilities Program (EBV). Through this program, we have built a network of mentors and strategic partners to support veterans looking to establish their businesses. I am also a business mentor at reSET (Social Enterprise Trust), an non-profit organization focused on advancing the social enterprise sector. I’m involved with other veterans programs as I served in the US Marines.

Have you received any professional Honors or Awards?

I am lucky enough to have won several awards and nominations during my college years. These include Honor Society Inductee, University of CT Student Organization Advocacy Award, and Certificate of Commendation. I have also been a nominee for Donald L. McCullough Leadership Award. In the professional world, we won awards for being the most active investors.

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Be passionate about your work, do the right thing, and you will achieve the desired results. Pay attention to actions, they speak louder than words.

Are you willing to be a mentor? If so, how should someone contact you?

I would love to share my experiences with young aspiring entrepreneurs to help set them on the path to success. The best way for someone to reach me is through my website http://michaelwisniewskict.com/

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