If you are not a scholar athlete of your college or university, chances are, most college students will remain as the unsung heroes for their acts of compassion or humanitarianism.

Lukas Politis is a student at Iona College in New Rochelle, New York.  He majors in Media & Strategic Communications, specializing in Broadcast Media, which focuses on news production and media, sports and on-camera presents and digital literacy. He will be looking towards the future for internships to advance his career, but for now, he continues to partake in volunteer work. Lukas Politis joined the fundraising event at St. Baldrick’s Foundation many years ago.

The St. Baldrick’s Foundation is an annual event. The group of volunteers’ agrees to shave their heads to benefit pediatrics foundations with an emphasis on childhood cancer. The event takes place every March at many locations across the country.

The location Mr. Politis attends is typically hosted annually at Dominican College in Orangeburg, New York. Unfortunately, due to the current climate of the worldwide COVID-19 outbreak this year, the event had to be canceled. Despite this, Lukas and many others were still able to raise money for the cause.

The plan to raise funds will likely come from the experience he has gained on campaigns to raise funding for childhood cancer. Outside of the Head-Shaving event. Lukas Politis has participated in this fundraising campaign over the past eleven years. His sponsors during the events, friends, and family are well aware of his compassion, commitment, and dedication to the foundation. He also utilizes social media as another fundraising tool as he strategically places their links on social media.

Lukas demonstrates his strength of character and gentle kindness through his volunteer work and commitment year after year. His devotion and graciousness to the cause will continue to impact the lives of many children. He seeks not glory nor takes any bow but, such is the song of the unsung hero.

How did you get started in this fundraising event?

I had a good friend who introduced me to the event many years ago. He passed away when I was in sixth grade. I continue to support the fundraising effort. I have attended this event with my friend’s father each year ever since.

What made you choose the St. Baldrick’s Foundation as a volunteer??

Initially, I chose to participate in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation because of my friend. As I got older, I realized how serious cancer was because people around me became affected by it. I also recognized how important it was to raise money for these children. I continue to participate every March to carry on the tradition of doing something great for people.

Do you do anything throughout the year to raise funds for the St. Baldrick’s Foundation?

During the year I involve businesses and ask for donations. I place links on social media and ask friends and family to contribute as well.

If someone wanted to get started with St. Baldrick’s Foundation, what advice would you give them?

I would tell anyone who would want to get involved to contact the foundation and express your interest in participating in fundraising. Most people start participating because cancer either strikes close to home, or they want to participate in a humanitarian effort. Other people just choose to donate to the foundation. The foundation has made it easy to donate. People can simply go to https://www.stbaldricks.org/. The site also provides valuable information not only for the head-shaving event but also on how to start a personal fundraising event, how businesses and organizations can host a fundraising event, and information on how to join the advocacy network.

What inspires you to continue your quest for funding each month and during the annual Head-Shaving event?

I like the fact that it showcases children who are courageously going through so much who can experience the kindness of perfect strangers who care about the struggles they are going through. I also know that my friend’s dad also appreciates that I am still committed to continuing my participation in the Head-Shaving event year after year. It is not only that, but it is also the awesome connections I’ve made and the experience of looking forward to participating in an annual event.

Do you have any benevolent memories of the Head-Shaving Event?

I would say that every year there is a gathering of the same like-minded people of all ages. It has an energy of hope and happiness. It is good to see kids that are learning what it feels like to have kindness and compassion for others. I started volunteering at a young age as well and it impacted my life greatly to this day.

Have you faced any challenges in volunteering?

The only issue I’ve ever faced was in finding others who would be willing to shave their heads. It is difficult to convince people to get a buzz-cut. Other people don’t care about their hair, it grows back. It’s no big deal.

Are there any other volunteer activities that you have been interested in or that you would recommend?

I am a member of a fraternity at school and one of the fundraisers we participate in is Relay For Life. The event raises funds for the American Cancer Society. I thought that it is awesome because it is the same type of experience. We all gather in our college gymnasium and many come together for the benefit. There are inspiring speeches made by families who have been affected by the illness. The event has an energy of benevolence, hope, and happiness. I would highly recommend participating in the Relay For Life.

Are you willing to be a mentor? If so, how should someone contact you?

I would consider being a mentor for anyone interested in the St. Baldrick’s Foundation. I can be reached by name through social media on Twitter, Instagram or Linkedin.


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