Lani Stark, a multi-awarded entrepreneur and artist, is a Hawaii-born inspirational speaker who leads people to positive transformation.

She started her professional career as an entrepreneur who led her own and other companies towards profitability. Aside from this, she became a trusted floral designer who worked with famous people like Bruce Jenner (Olympic Gold Medalist) and Lynda Thompson during their wedding and Hollywood producer Allan Carr.

As a gifted musician, she became one of the only vocal coaches with American Idol, Grammy, Oscar, and Emmy. Her students made a name for themselves, winning national and local competitions, appearing in national sitcoms, and signing with major label companies like Sony. Some of them include Camille Valsco (American Idol), Elisabeth Lindsey (Miss Hawaii), Ryan Rumbard (Les Miserables).

Lani also performed with Grammy and Oscar winners in international concert tours and conventions and appeared as a guest artist in recording projects.

To give back to the community, she made healing music, spirituality, and nature wellness programs and purveyed retreats for renowned universities like Cornell, Harvard, and Stanford. Additionally, she organized and coordinated musicals to help children understand how body wellness translates to healing of the planet.

Her beautiful healing music has also been featured on stage with famous inspirational speakers such as Wayne Dyer and Ram das.

Furthermore, Lani Stark went in pursuit of her interest in production. She organized and led notable events such as the First Night Maui Festival and produced films and award-winning television productions.  She handles the most critical aspects in production including marketing and promotion, directing, operations, and sales.

She also produced other events that helped nonprofit organizations achieve their goals and raise millions of dollars to provide food and education for underprivileged children worldwide.

Throughout her 40-year career, Lani Stark received several awards because of her unending commitment to bring positive transformation through healing music and to organize outreach programs, concerts, festivals, and educational workshops.

In recognition of her successful projects and all her efforts, she was featured in national television shows such as the Michael Douglas Show and Good Morning Australia and in networks including America One Television and PBS.

On the other hand, her publication accolades include National Geographic Traveler, Martha Stewart Gardens, Women World Magazine, and more.

Right now, Lani focuses on marketing concerts and workshops and coordinating community outreach programs as the Executive Director for healing music at Kapila Institute. She also continues producing concert tours while working with big companies like Lexus and Microsoft for conventions.

You have accomplished a lot throughout your life, working in many fields and helping in many organizations. What was your proudest moment?

Among the several recognitions I received in forty years of my career, I will never forget being nominated and being awarded the “Global Women’s Outstanding Leadership Award.This award was given to me by a prestigious organization, The Women’s Information Network (The WIN). For me, my success would not be complete without me being able to use my influence in order to help strengthen women in the community, change their lives for the better, and be their voice.

As women, it is our duty to help one another. I want women to realize that winning in life is not limited to a group of people. It will always be available to everyone, no matter who you are and where you come from. What’s important is your determination and heart to succeed not only for yourself but for everyone around you.

As an entrepreneur, what is one thing you do that you would recommend other aspiring entrepreneurs?

I make every second count. I make sure that I’m always productive and that everything I do brings me closer to reaching my dreams.

What does your typical day look like?

I see each day as an opportunity to do greater good in my community and the world. So before the day starts, I pray and thank God for a new day and remind myself to focus on my purpose and to always be kind to others.

You have worked with so many different charities. What advice do you have for a person that is deciding which charity they want to support?

Being someone who has been organizing events and community programs for nonprofit organizations, what drives me is my goal to help educate children and promote awareness about the power of healing music in people’s lives.

That being said, I believe it is important for a person to identify his passion and purpose to make sure that whatever they plan to do is aligned with these two. If their heart and mind are fully into supporting a specific charity, everything about the process will be easier and natural.

In your career as a singer, what was the most difficult challenge you faced?

Just like with any other profession, singers like me face a lot of challenges along the way. And in a world full of great singers around the world, it is never easy to rise above the rest.

I believe this is one of the most challenging situations I had to face. You might have heard this a lot of times, but what will help you overcome this challenge is to know how you can make a difference. And as a singer-songwriter, I gave my all doing what I know best. I dedicated my time writing and performing in front of thousands of audiences with only one aim – to help them feel and realize the effect and importance of music in our lives.

If given the chance to meet your younger self, what advice would you give her?

Hold on to your faith. No matter what happens and no matter how tough things might get, God has a purpose for your life. Everything will work out for the best because he is the author of your life story and He is in control.

As a vocal coach, what is the biggest piece of advice you give your students?

As a vocal coach, I would always tell my students to be open and explore their unlimited potential. I tell them not to let their fears stop them from becoming the best versions of themselves. We all have potential. The only problem is that sometimes, they stay that way because we put limits on ourselves due to the fear of failing and being rejected. But if we only put our heart, effort and time into something, surely we can achieve something great.


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