Julie Queler has been a driving force for innovation in the South Florida community for many years.  In 2004, she founded The Orchid Recovery Center.  The Orchid caters to women who have found themselves victims of substance abuse and are looking for an effective way out. Specializing in female clientele, Ms. Queler developed a unique approach.  One which centered upon the aspects of recovery that are unique to women.  She drew from her own personal experiences in overcoming substance abuse. The programs she developed integrated fitness, yoga, meditation, and nutrition, along with traditional twelve step counseling.  After helping many thousands of women, Julie sold the Orchid in 2013 to a Regional Health and Wellness company.

During her time at the Orchid, Julie traveled to the Far East, arriving in India and further helping the less fortunate. She spent a year and a half studying holistic approaches to healing and life. She also volunteered at the Dharamsala Animal Rescue (DAR).

After years of empowering women with sobriety, Julie has turned her passion to inspiring people to create movements of their own. There are so many people with so many great ideas out there that Julie wants to help empower them to change the world.

How did you get started in this business? What was your inspiration?

Before establishing the Orchid Recovery Center in 2004, I briefly ran a halfway house for women, which was a real eye opener for me. After selling The Orchid in 2013, I found myself interested in learning the mechanics of debt relief and debt restructuring. Using the business ethics I have always put first, l helped found a successful debt relief firm. As I got to know the competition, I became distraught by the litany of “bad actors” that populate the Student Loan industry and I saw the stress that loans were putting on students just trying to achieve their dreams.  I must say, it has fueled my desire to advocate for the disaffected. I am planning on channeling that passion into helping empower people to not only seek the education they need but learn how to create movements and change the world for the better.

How long will it take you to get the word out that you are wholly dedicating yourself to empowering people to create movements?

I am a tough but fair business woman.  That begins with me.  I go 24/7 when necessary.  The thousands of women that I have helped over the years would attest to this.

When you started The Orchid, did you have any doubts?

Not really, as I am by nature an optimist.  And in coming from a background of healing and helping, it was a no-brainer for me, honestly.  I do not take no for an answer.  The best part for me, is that if I believe in something, it gets done.

In your new quest, how will you make a difference?

Advocacy has a way of spreading like wildfire, and I have what sounds like an optimistic goal to some, but not to me…My goal…empower everyone to create a movement of their own. 

Why Are Social Movements Important?

Social movements are important because you can only get so far with traditional methods. Usually you end up stalled when you hit some red tape that makes it all but impossible for you to achieve your goal. Social movements operate outside of those rules and because of that, they can get more done.

Why Do You Want to Empower People to Create Movements?

Everyone is passionate about something. I want to help people believe that they can affect change in the world. Sometimes all you need is a little nudge and someone else to believe in you. 

What is the goal of a well-intentioned philanthropist?

Lives are fulfilled with simple acts of kindness.  I have personally witnessed this miracle of “goodwill” many times.  The spiral of drug addiction is really the same as debt addiction.  And both are managed by 12 step programs.  I will keep this in mind as I work this problem day by day, and through the years.

What are you most excited about now?

I am most excited about the rollout of my blog.  I will do everything I can to make it user friendly.  Additionally, I will be sure to give it a good case of the “warm and fuzzies”.

What business books have inspired you?

My latest reads include “Good to Great” by Jim Collins and “Creativity Inc” by Ed Catmull.  Both books strongly address best practices in the achievement of inspiration in the midst of the big challenges.

What is a recent purchase you have made that has helped with your business?

A recent purchase that I made was buying my whole office suite new furniture and technology. Utilizing the latest datatech and ergonomic furniture makes for a happy and healthy work environment.

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