Josh Smith is a serial entrepreneur based in Reno, Nevada. During the last 18 years, he’s launched and operated an assortment of successful businesses. Most of these companies have provided products or services that involve technology and health. This career has given Smith opportunities to learn about manufacturing, logistics, customs, regulations, imports, and exports.

Smith enjoys gardening, but he found that various obstacles made it difficult for him to purchase a small greenhouse for his yard. He cooperated with staff members and a fellow inventor to solve the problem by developing a unique modular greenhouse. Thanks to this innovative product, home gardening has become more convenient, productive and accessible.

Josh Smith doesn’t only run businesses to generate profits. He strives to simultaneously benefit society and the environment. For instance, his firm’s compact greenhouses help people avoid chemicals by growing organic vegetables. Smith revealed further details about his philosophy and career in a recent interview:

Why and how did you start your own business?

I began working as an artist before I became an inventor and put my ideas into practice as an entrepreneur. Throughout each day, I often notice problems that make life more difficult for people. I envision creative solutions and they become valuable business ideas.

How do you transform these concepts into real solutions?

When I see a way to solve a common problem, I draw a diagram and write down my ideas. The next step involves reverse engineering. I develop a plan to turn the solution into a marketable product or service. Each new concept helps people lead more productive lives.

How do you maintain such a high level of productivity?

It’s hard to stay productive when you don’t really care about your job. If I always have projects that inspire me and demand creativity, I find it easy to keep working for many hours. The best ventures have more interesting goals than making money.

What does the average workday involve?

I’m constantly busy with more than one project. It’s not always easy to find enough time for all of my businesses and interests. I concentrate on productive tasks that help me achieve multiple goals at the same time.

Are there any recent trends that you find exciting?

I’m enthusiastic about growing organic produce at home, and three-dimensional printing appeals to me as well. I hope that it will become easier for entrepreneurs to quickly create prototypes when they want to implement new concepts.

Do most people disagree with you on a certain issue?

I believe that universities will become obsolete and begin to disappear in the near future. Today’s technology provides better educational solutions.

If you could travel into the past and give yourself advice, what would you say?

I’d tell myself to appreciate the process of becoming successful rather than concentrating on outcomes. Additionally, I would urge a younger Josh Smith to ignore people who said that my goals seemed unrealistic or I wasn’t capable of achieving them.

What leadership technique has boosted your company’s growth?

The most important leadership trait is a readiness to adjust your strategies when necessary. It’s crucial to swiftly take action based on insightful new data, feedback or recommendations. For example, I’m willing to modify a product design if I learn that it doesn’t entirely meet a certain need.

Did you make any serious errors in the past? If so, what corrective steps did you take?

I originally cooperated with some individuals who weren’t suitable business partners. This experience nearly convinced me to quit working as an entrepreneur. Fortunately, I learned how to evaluate potential partners, employees and friends more perceptively.

What entrepreneurial habit do you encourage everyone to embrace?

I always remind myself to remain in touch with reality. Leaders must recognize the truth rather than trying to filter out unwanted facts. It’s vital to carefully look at both positive and negative results in an effort to improve.

Would you like to recommend a favorite book to fellow entrepreneurs?

I urge people to read Steven Pressfield’s “The War of Art.” This book bluntly reveals the truth about achieving success. It encourages readers to avoid procrastination and stop making excuses. When you doubt yourself, remember that people have accomplished amazing things without today’s technologies or easy access to information.

What’s your favorite way to spend $100?

Every month, I plan an “epic day.” I try to make these lengthy outings as enjoyable and healthful as possible. They often feature organic food, hot springs, movies, challenging hikes and massages.

What websites do you find particularly useful?

I recommend Lumosity; it offers entertaining “mind games” that promote healthy brain activity. If you need to keep track of projects, check out This service helps me stay productive without feeling stressed.

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