Tell Us More About Who You Are and What Drives You to Be Successful Each Day

My name is Johnathon Holmes and I am The CEO of Blue Guardian Cyber Security Solutions. We are a startup cyber security company that aims at preventing people from becoming attacked by outside threats. One of my biggest inspirations in life was to help others secure themselves in business and in personal life so that they may thrive. We have had a successful run so far and the future holds a lot of promise for our company.

What Are Some of The Biggest Threats That Your Company Has Monitored?

We oftentimes see people trying to brute force their way past company security in other countries outside the United States. People in countries like Russia have more experience than American hackers it seems and find it challenging to attempt to break into our security systems. What they oftentimes do is take a portion of critical data hostage and will hold it for ransom until the company pays up. Companies will find themselves in a bind and have to pay these hackers to get their information back. It is truly a despicable method that we aim to prevent here at our company.

Is There Any Safety Method That You Can Recommend for Large Companies?

I cannot stress how important it is to implement master data management into any company. Oftentimes, companies will have important data that is not allocated with the rest of the data that they are keeping. This makes this piece of critical data a very easy target for outside threats. Utilizing master data management can keep all of your important data allocated in one spot and makes it easier for us to protect your information.

What Are Some Trends That You Expect to See in 2019?

Data breaches are becoming more commonplace in the world of business. Hackers are becoming more skilled in their work and we feel as if the industry is falling behind. They are almost always one step ahead of the curve. This is why it is important to hire a cyber security company that can help you achieve complete security of your data. We go above and beyond for our clients to ensure that their data is safe from prying eyes or potential threats looking to make some money. Failure to find the right cyber security company could cost your business millions of dollars in damages.

What Inspired You to Become the Best in Your Field When You Were Growing Up?

I used to get picked on a lot when I was young. It’s no secret that I was able to turn that around and use it as a strength. However, I saw other kids get picked on as well in school. I wanted to stand up for them when they couldn’t stand up for themselves. This gave me strength and pushed me to become a better person. I take this same mentality and apply it to our business. We protect other people when they can’t because it is our passion in life.

What is Some Advice You Would Give to Your Younger Self?

There will always be people in your life who will act as roadblocks. However, it is important to remember that these people can be overcome with enough perseverance. I would tell my younger self to stand up for himself more while he stood up for other kids on the playground. I understand the importance of self more than ever now and have implemented regular routines into my daily task list to help me strengthen this aspect of my life.

How Do You Keep So Healthy?

I am normally up at the crack of dawn each day and hit the gym immediately. Working out can give you such a boost of confidence and energy that is needed to become successful. I then practice meditation before I even pick up my phone in the morning. It allows me to set the right intention for the day ahead of me. I watch my diet throughout the day and eat only what is necessary to give myself the proper energy that I need. I’m usually in bed by 9 p.m. unless work demands that I continue working on an important project.

Where Do You See Blue Guardian Cyber Security Solutions in The Next 5 Years?

We are constantly adapting our security methods here at Blue Guardian Cyber Security Solutions. We continuously keep up with trends that can help us stay ahead of the competition in business and to stop potential threats. I see our company working with more clients than ever and putting an end to the threats that plague our clients.

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