Insight Seminars is a series of self-improvement and professional development programs dedicated to helping people live from the heart and reach their fullest potentials.

Rachael Jayne has been on a path of self-discovery for many, many years. She is extremely committed to personal growth and transformation both in herself and for others.  As part of this journey, Rachael discovered Insight Seminars in 1978 when she attended the very first Insight Training.  She went on to attend the Advanced Training and from that point forward knew she found her life’s work.   Over time, she evolved from enthusiastic participant to lead facilitator both with adults and teens.

As a parent and a mother of three boys (now young men), Rachael recognized the tremendous value that she received from Insight seminars and wanted this work for her boys.   Rachael was instrumental in developing the Insight Youth Program into a thriving program that has transformed the lives of hundreds of teens.   In 2011, Rachael was asked to step in as Director of Youth Programs for Insight Seminars.  As a key Teen Insight facilitator and Director of Youth Programs, she has mentored many teens and young adults into greater leadership roles. She invites youth to take leadership roles on the assisting teams and then developing some into learning to lead seminars.

In 2013, Rachael was asked to be Vice President of Operations for Insight Seminars Worldwide under the leadership of Joey Hubbard, CEO. Together, Joey and Rachael expanded the scope of Insight’s offerings to include two new programs and a number of workshops while re-invigorating the foundation programs attracting hundreds of people worldwide to attend seminars and create and live lives they truly love.

When and how did Insight Seminars get started?

Insight Seminars was founded in 1978 by John-Roger, an international educator, author, and speaker.  Russell Bishop, a personal growth facilitator and workshop designer, collaborated with John-Roger creating the first Insight I Seminar.  One hundred and fifty-one people gathered in Santa Monica, CA to pioneer what was then an experiment in personal growth education.  Insight I: The Awakening Heart Seminar, now the first in our series of seminars, was created out of the community’s shared desire to gain practical tools for becoming more effective and successful in their lives as they become more aware of themselves and their own potential.

What is the main goal of Insight Seminars?

Here is our Mission:

Insight is here to assist us in transforming ourselves into loving, so that the greater transformation of the planet to loving will take place.

At Insight, we facilitate those who attend in personal transformation through a supportive loving environment by using a myriad of tools for awareness.  We introduce tools for awareness and skills for building self-trust, effective risk-taking and improved communication resulting in greater confidence and a higher sense of purpose. The intention for those who attend is to learn to live more authentically knowing and living from their heart.

What makes you proud to work there?

At Insight Seminars, we work as a team.  We know that every individual has a voice no matter what position he or she holds.  We know that it takes many people doing many things to produce outstanding seminars and events.  I am proud to be part of the team that produces and delivers this fine work.  I am proud to witness so many people learning to live with an open heart and transform their lives for the better.

How do the seminars for kids, teens, and adults differ?

All the Insight seminars are designed to create greater awareness through many tools and skills offered.  In the youth work, the exercises are geared appropriately towards the age group attending.  In the Children’s seminar, we will deliver the same message as we do in the adult seminar but use puppets as a vehicle.  With both the children and the teens we will play games and do more group activities, all with the same intentions for awareness that we have in the adult seminars.

Insight Seminars help people to learn to live more fully from the heart. What is meant by this?

We believe in sourcing wisdom from within.  Living from the heart is a key to having the life we want.  Living with more loving, joy, inner peace, a sense of purpose.

What kinds of people would most benefit from attending a seminar?

Everybody.  People who are looking to better themselves and their lives.  People who are looking for tools to manifest the life they want. There is no mold for Insight candidates and people of all types regularly attend our seminars.

What does the future hold for Insight Seminars?

Expansion through an effective internet presence.  More seminars in more places around the world.  We plan to have an Insight I seminar in Nigeria for over 100 people in August this year, for example.

Strategic partnerships with more organizations of a similar philosophies who want to integrate our offerings into their programs.

More seminars, more people participating, more effective use of Live Stream to include more people worldwide.

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