Honglan Wang Myokardia is a well-known cardiovascular physiology and pharmacology specialist. She has progressed to the top stages of pharmacology over the years, earning a Ph. D. in Cardiovascular Pharmacology from China Pharmaceutical University. She has made a significant contribution to the domain of pharmacology as a result of her experience. Her multiple publications in peer-reviewed journals are proof of this. Wang’s research on various facets of physiology and pharmacology has indeed been presented in more than ten peer-reviewed journals. Wang has also shared her expertise by collaborating with various institutions on cardiovascular pharmacology studies.

Honglan has worked with a number of establishments throughout the duration of her working life as both a researcher and also as a manager. Her internship at Ohio State University, where she served as a researcher from 2010 to 2014, is among her most significant achievements. MyoKardia, where she served as a senior researchscientist, and Lingyi Biotechnology, where she is the manager, are two other places in which she has played an important role. Wang’s forward-thinking mindset to physiology and pharmacology is one of the main factors which has propelled her to where she is now. Wang recognizes the importance of emerging technology to change this industry. She is currently researching A.I technology and how it could be used to aid in the discovery of new medication.

How did you get the idea of becoming a pharmaceutical consultant?

I have extensive experience as a team leader in the pharmaceutical sector, and I decided it was time to apply my knowledge as an advisor. Being a consultant appeals to me because it allows me to work on promising projects that I choose.

On top of that, working as a consultant would provide me with the opportunity to grow my skillset while, at the same time, discovering new applications of my knowledge.

How do you make money?

My mission is to provide my clients with what they need in terms of data and information. On top of that, I make use of the knowledge and experience that I acquired throughout my studies and career, along with my leadership skills, in order to guide and manage my team so that we could reach our goal of producing the data needed by the client. Due to the importance of the medical field in all societies, many Research companies dedicated to the medical field contact me on the regular in order to get their research done and, by extension, get them a step closer to their intended product. Honestly, I am trying my best to provide the best services not just for profit but also because of how passionate I am when it comes to researching everything that is related to the medical and pharmacological fields.

How long did it take for you to become profitable?

While Research in the pharmacological field is always in demand, it was still hard to actually earn the trust of the clients. Still, I persisted through the hardships that I encountered among the way until I was able to make a name for myself. The moment I earned the trust and satisfaction of my first clients, my business started taking off and I was able to land more jobs in the field despite the competition that I faced.

Did you ever doubt your own potential? And if yes, how did you handle that?

At first, I had one big doubt that actually limited my potential. The doubt was how I could actually  provide great consultation services, and conduct research that would be efficient enough to not only get me new clients but to also boost my reputation. However, I managed to bypass that problem through persistence, confidence, and hard work, and by making use of the leadership skills, that I acquired through leading a previous team in the industry, which enabled me to be as efficient as possible. It was then that I realized how dedication and steady effort could help me solve any problem that would face me, especially in this field which I am passionate about.

What kind of strategy did you follow in order to help your business grow?

With regard to billing, I am extremely accessible. On each invoice, I make certain that my clients understand what I did. I’ve heard a lot of stories over the years about companies being paid for something they aren’t confident about. I make certain that my service users are never left with any unresolved issues. It maintains the employer-contractor relationship’s confidence.

It was through that that I earned more and more clients which, on the long run, helped me make a big network that enabled me to reach great success without actually suffering from the hardships that I faced at the beginning of my project.

What is one theme that you have been excited about?

I’m interested in incorporating artificial intelligence into the pharmaceutical industry. Since there are so many unknown variables in human physiology and disease pathways, medicine development is a lengthy and costly process. The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in pharmaceutical research would make the task both cost-effective and successful. So basically, incorporating artificial intelligence would not only smoothen up the process of medicine development but would also open the door to unlimited new possibilities that would benefit humanity on the long run.

What is the toughest decision you’ve had to make in the last few months?

I was unable to see my parents, relatives, or dear ones as a result of the ongoing COVID 19 outbreak, and this is entirely due to my job, which requires me to be out working with my team in an environment that is close to the healthcare industry, and, by consequence, healthcare providers. That, however, does not restrict my imagination, because it actually gives me more space to grow and be a successful person both in my field of expertise and also as a leader of the team I am currently working with.

Are you willing to be a mentor? If so, how should someone contact you?

Yes, I am interested in serving as a mentor. I was fortunate to have wonderful parents who guided me through my adventure and taught me all I know, which is why I feel compelled to share that wisdom and enable this spark that I was given to shine even brighter on a wider level. If someone is genuinely interested, they can simply contact the agency and request an appointment, and I will be delighted to meet with them and offer assistance.


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