With a widely recognized name in advertising and marketing, Gustavo Martinez is appreciated across the country today for his dedication to improving sales numbers and increasing profits for all types of businesses. His 35 years in the marketing business have let him hone his craft and focus on those things that he is particularly good at, namely his ability to discover exactly what his clients need. His dedication to individualized services has put him at the top of his game.

The key difference between marketing material from Martinez versus that produced by other companies is that his advertisements truly stand out from the crowd. His desire to help every client personally with unique marketing plans helps his clients reach their highest goals. Whether working on large projects or small, he wants every completed project to be perfect.

While Martinez has held many different positions throughout his professional life, the jobs of which he is most proud include serving as CEO of J. Walter Thompson WW as well as serving as the Regional President of Ogilvy and McCann. During his time leading these companies, Martinez developed some superlative advertisements that truly left a mark on the industry. Today, up-and-coming marketing professionals get their best advice from Gustavo Martinez and learn how they can have equally successful careers.

Besides his desire to treat each client as an individual, another part of Martinez’s success is his dedication to his daily work. He treats his work with joy and loves to share what he has learned with others. He is never stingy with advice when it comes to helping other professionals become equally successful.

Today, Martinez still looks for challenges that will keep him highly successful in the marketing world. Even though he seems to be at the top of his game, he knows that he will always have something new to learn and that he can always better himself in his work. His goal is to improve himself and his work constantly while focusing on gaining new knowledge.

Martinez is quick to admit that his success has been due to his great attitude about learning and striving for success, and he says that anyone willing to have this much perseverance along with a positive mindset can also expect to succeed. Despite his dedication to his work, he manages to have a great work/life balance and loves to spend time with his family and friends.

How did you get the inspiration for your marketing company?

My ideas come from unique sources that I know have appealed to individuals in the past. Each of my innovative advertisements has some basis in previous popular campaigns. My success comes from this healthy mindset as well as a bit of luck.

How do you usually start each day and make sure that it is a rewarding one?

My days at home typically start around seven o’clock when I take time for a family breakfast. While several people have mentioned that I must spend too much time and energy on my work, I believe that I keep a great balance between work and family life. I simply enjoy my daily work and love to dedicate much of each day to it.

How do you get all of your creative ideas to work?

Although my imaginative work has created much of my success, I am always quick to credit both my marketing and creative teams that come up with many of the greatest inspirational ideas. I love to see my entire team thrive, and I make sure that I keep them motivated with a variety of exciting group projects.

Tell us about a type of technology that excites you.

Although I have seen plenty of trends come and go throughout my career, I am particularly excited about the Internet of things and how it can show marketers what customers are most likely to want.

This technology can be used in a variety of innovative ways. For example, a refrigerator could keep track of what an individual typically eats, what the weather is outside and, therefore, what the person would be most likely to eat that day. This information could go even further to stores that could get food ready for the person before he even thinks to order it.

How do you ensure that you are always productive?

My ability to listen carefully to those around me and to react compassionately to my coworkers and team members has helped me to become a truly great entrepreneur. Not only has this listening ability helped build up those around me, but also it has opened numerous doors into interesting and successful ideas that others have had.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell yourself as you started out in business?

If I could, I would tell myself that I need to slow down and be patient with myself. Instead of rushing to reach each of my goals, taking the time to learn from those around me could boost the growth of my business incredibly.

What is something in which you find yourself disagreeing with others?

I find that I often disagree with others about charitable donations. I believe in the importance and the joy of giving to charity but only if it is done from the heart. When it is done with a motivation to make oneself look good to others, these donations are not as personally effective as they could be. I believe in supporting my community through local charities whenever possible.

What is something that you have found always works for you and that you would recommend that other business professionals do as well?

Generosity is one of the most important parts to being a successful entrepreneur and to leading a great business. When I have given my clients what they want, I have been able to watch my business grow and solidify throughout the years. I also practice generosity by taking time to listen to others’ ideas even if I do not immediately think that I agree with them.

Can you tell us about one of the greatest methods you have used to build your business?

I have always believed that it is wisest to hire the best of the best in the marketing industry. Although this has typically required me to pay more in salaries, these hires have more than returned my investments by helping create strong teams that work hard.

What is one area in which you have failed in the past, and how have you changed for the better?

When I have tried to cut corners by working too quickly or by working on my own rather than employing the talents of my marketing team, I have quickly discovered that my business can falter. To correct these mistakes, I always acknowledge where I have been at fault and turn to those team members who can help me.

What is one helpful tip you can tell our readers?

The market research industry is poised for great growth. The person who could create faster, more intuitive research processes would certainly have a successful career.

What is the smartest way you have spent $100 recently, and why was this choice so great?

I believe that how I spend my money shows what I care about most, and it determines how successful I will be personally and professionally. When spending money in my personal life, I like to invest in positive family experiences. The smartest way I spent $100 recently was on a relaxing family meal at a nice restaurant. From a business perspective, I prefer to spend money on items that can help me grow professionally. Dropping $100 on business books recently was definitely a smart move.

What online option or type of software helps you work smarter every day?

My digital planner has been a fabulous resource that helps me stay up-to-date with my appointments and deadlines. By creating a weekly plan and sticking to it, I accomplish much more than I otherwise could.

What would be a good book for our readers to buy?

I recommend Think and Grow Rich. Although there are plenty of business-related books available, this book is one of the best options for new professionals who truly want to reach greater success.

What quote inspires you?

Winston Churchill once said, “Success is not final, failure is not fatal; it is the courage to continue that counts.” This quote affects how I live daily and how I look at the success of my career. I realize that it is primarily important to focus on a positive direction rather than on every tiny success or failure in business.

What can we learn from Gustavo Martinez?

  • Be generous with those around us.
  • Listen to what those around us have to say.
  • Make sure to focus on your goals.
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