Dr. Tad Tenney grew up and graduated in Prescott, Arizona in 1987. After spending two years on a missionary tour of Argentina on behalf of the LDS church, he returned home fluent in Spanish. He attended Snow College where he played basketball for a year. After a successful year, he transferred to Salt Lake Community College where he obtained an Associates of Arts. It was here that he fell in love with the idea of becoming a doctor of Chiropractic care.

Tad went onto attend college in Dallas Texas and obtained his Bachelor of Science and Chiropractic care. He moved to Boulder City in 1998 where he opened his practice. Over the last twenty years as his practice has evolved to include a whole health approach for every individual he encounters through his practice. Since his practice opened, he has had more than thirty thousand patient visits and over ten thousand individual patients.

The Boulder City Chiropractic Health now specializes in the treatment of diabetes, neuropathy, back and joint pain, depression, and anxiety. It is truly a passion for him as his patients continue to recover without medications or surgery.

Dr. Tad Tenney enjoys his time with his family, volunteering as an Elder with his local LDS Church, and volunteering in his community. As a father of six, he and his wonderful wife are always busy. In his free time, he collects coins, plays the guitar, and when possible, travels with his family to Mexico.

Why did you choose to become a doctor?

I remember when I was in college I had a friend who was a chiropractor. When this friend was unable to find someone to adjust him, he taught me how to do it. I enjoyed being able to help him feel better so much that I knew what I wanted to do for a living. It was and continues to be enjoyable giving people instant relief for back pain and headaches.

What area do you specialize in?

Currently, we specialize in creating a total care program for our patients. This includes working with both physical health such as diabetes, back and joint pain, and neuropathy alongside mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety. By taking a whole health approach, we are able to watch our clients improve steadily and recover their lives and vitality.

What is your daily routine?

I wake up around 4:30am and exercise with my wife until 6. We enjoy a healthy breakfast together before I head to work and she gets the kids ready for the day. Every morning I treat patients until around noon when I come home to share lunch with my wife. After lunch, I continue to treat patients until my first health care workshop. I will typically spend most of the afternoon and evening teaching workshops to help others enjoy healthier living without invasive procedures.

What do you love about your job?

I love how your body can heal itself from anything with the right choices carried on long enough to properly impact your body. Even more than that, it is a joy to share this knowledge in a manner that helps all of my patients.

What would you consider to be the greatest accomplishment in your career?

My greatest accomplishment comes when I see people who entered my office with issues walking or having no hope to reclaim the vitality they had twenty years ago. Seeing their recovery because of our treatment and dedication to their health is immeasurable.

Tell our readers about some of your volunteer activities.

I am an active member of my church as part of the LDS Elder Corem. We treat kids for free in the office and go to schools for free scoliosis testing. Also, first responders, such as the police and fire department and members of the teacher’s union are often treated free. Giving back to our community is a passion of mine.

What do you do in order to mentally separate yourself from your job?

Every eight weeks we make it a point to take a few days off to spend with family. We often get away from everything, the office, school, home, even our cell phones stay at home while we are traveling. It is an opportunity to really enjoy each other, interact, and enjoy our time together.

What are some things that help you continue through difficult moments?

Daily I keep a few sayings in mind. The first is: “Every day is a new life to a wise man.” The second is: “no matter what your past is you have a spotless future.” My mom often shared the second with me. These remind me that no matter the shortcomings or failures, I can change it all tomorrow or in the days ahead.

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