Dr. Saad Saad is an experienced pediatric surgeon who received his medical degree from Cairo University, and when he graduated in 1971, he was the salutatorian of his class. The doctor traveled to the United Kingdom in order to complete his internship. The young physician received various accolades from experienced doctors, and many instructors indicated that the new doctor was especially innovative. During 1973, the doctor immigrated to the United States, and throughout the last 45 years, he has completed more than 3,000 surgeries, utilized many medical techniques and treated individuals who have experienced relatively rare conditions.

Dr. Saad invented two types of new equipment, and currently, at least 500 doctors regularly utilize these cutting-edge devices. During the last 30 years, the expert has managed eight missions that helped individuals who do not receive adequate medical care. He completed many free surgeries by using advanced equipment, and he has received numerous awards that are associated with his recent inventions. The expert regularly attends conferences in order to examine new equipment, and many of the presentations describe innovative techniques, surgeries that could mitigate the symptoms of rare conditions, the experiences of other doctors and devices that may enhance the effectiveness of various medical services. Currently, he owns a medical office that is situated in Eatontown, New Jersey. He continues to promote new equipment that may effectively improve the safety of various types of surgeries, and he has received numerous awards from the American Academy of Pediatrics. Moreover, the American College of Surgeons offered several accolades that are related to medical achievements, and he has been a member of the American College of Surgeons for more than 20 years.

How Did You Start Your Business?

I began the company by selecting an office that has sufficient space, and while considering the medical conditions that affect many clients, I effectively advertised medical services in the surrounding areas. I chose a location that is situated near Route 35, and this road is located in the city’s central district. This office allows visitors to easily visit our medical facility, yet the structure is situated in a suburban area that has many families. Within two weeks, more than 35 clients had visited our office. Our records have indicated that at least 200 clients had chosen our services within one month.

What Are Some Factors That Inspire You?

I truly want to help our clients, and by offering our services, I can reduce the symptoms of various medical conditions and decrease the risk of certain medical disorders. I also believe that our medical services may help each individual to achieve many long-term goals. When a person is not experiencing chronic symptoms, the individual can effectively focus, and if a client consistently receives medical care, the individual may reach numerous milestones, implement strategies that can optimize the client’s overall health and enjoy many activities that interest the individual.

How Do You Earn Money?

Our company earns money by completing various types of surgeries, and we also generate revenue when existing clients regularly visit our office. Our medical office accepts many types of insurance, so generally, we receive reimbursements from numerous sizable insurance companies. By modifying the costs of certain surgeries, our medical office and the insurance providers can minimize each client’s medical expenses.

Did Your Business Quickly Become Profitable?

Our company generated significant profits within three months, yet I noticed that the revenue tremendously increased within six months. Once clients understood the services that we offer, many individuals referred friends to our company, and these excellent reviews essentially doubled our profits.

Did You Ever Doubt Your Business or Your Techniques?

I did not doubt the goals of our business, and I knew that the company would consistently generate revenue. I understand that our business can consistently benefit our clients, and our company may eliminate the symptoms of various medical conditions, prevent certain disorders and offer cutting-edge treatments. These factors effectively eliminated any feelings that are associated with doubt, and we utilize advanced equipment that can improve the results of each surgery, increase the number of clients who choose our services and minimize any side effects.

How Did You Acquire Your First Customer?

Once we established our company, a woman swiftly called our medical office, and she indicated that her son was experiencing various symptoms. She was a friend of another client, yet I had treated the existing patient before I had created the new company. The client had created an excellent review, and she had referred her friend to our business. I treated the woman’s son within 24 hours of the initial conversation, and he fully recovered from the medical condition that he was experiencing.

What Is One Marketing Strategy That Has Effectively Increased the Number of Customers Who Choose Your Company’s Services?

We frequently encourage our clients to share their excellent reviews, and during the last five years, many customers have added testimonials to numerous social media networks. According to new clients, thousands of individuals have found our medical office by examining these reviews, and some clients have evaluated articles that examine our medical techniques, describe our medical office and review the types of equipment that we utilize.

Can You Describe the Toughest Decision That You Have Recently Made?

I had to choose a new nurse who could effectively help our clients, and I interviewed numerous individuals who had excellent qualifications. Eventually, I selected an experienced nurse who had worked in a medical center for more than 20 years. She had received extra awards, and by completing various courses, she earned additional certifications that are related to various specialties.

What Are Numerous Factors That Maximize Your Success?

When we evaluate a client who is noticing certain symptoms, we consider numerous medical conditions that could similarly affect an individual, and by completing various tests, we can effectively determine the factors that are precipitating the symptoms. These techniques may tremendously improve the accuracy of each diagnosis. Consequently, we are able to optimize the results of every surgery. Therefore, many clients return to our medical office, and many of these individuals create favorable reviews that inevitably augment the amount of new clients who visit our medical office.

What Is the Most Satisfying Experience That Has Inspired You?

Once I complete a complex surgery, I generally experience feelings that are associated with tremendous motivation. Each surgery drives our medical experts to help other individuals, and I am quite satisfied once a client describes improvements that mitigate the symptoms of a medical condition. When I think of the most satisfying moment, I remember a woman who thanked our medical experts while we were initially expanding our company. Her child had been suffering from the symptoms of a hernia, and by using effective techniques, the medical specialists repaired the tissue, eliminated the symptoms and offered treatments that helped the recovering patient.

Can You Describe the Future of Your Business?

I believe that our company will continue to expand, and we will also treat thousands of clients who do not reside near Eatontown, New Jersey. While we continue to use advanced techniques, I think that many clients will travel from faraway cities, yet we will continue to offer medical services that help thousands of individuals who reside in the surrounding communities.

What Are Some Goals That Excite You?

I regularly examine new research that is associated with relatively rare diseases, and I believe that medical experts will develop strategies that could cure individuals who suffer from many medical conditions. Eventually, our company can utilize these new techniques that could help clients who are suffering, and by treating additional clients, we can acquire the funds that will help our business to buy extra equipment. Consequently, these medical devices may let our medical experts implement innovative strategies.

What Are the Business Books That Have Inspired You?

I enjoy numerous books that describe leadership, strategies that can improve motivation and techniques that enhance creativity. I have read more than 15 books that focus on entrepreneurial leaders, and I believe that consistent leadership can tremendously improve a company’s revenue, increase the amount of customers who select a company’s services, maximize the well-being of each employee and inspire an individual who is achieving long-term milestones. Additionally, I regularly select books that can help an entrepreneur to organize a company’s structure, and by implementing certain techniques, an owner may examine useful statistics, create numerous milestones, enhance the effectiveness of marketing strategies, manage various types of projects and improve motivation.

Can You Describe a Recent Purchase That Can Significantly Benefit Your Business?

During the last year, our company bought a new laparoscope, and by using this device, surgeons can effectively treat individuals who are suffering from hernias. Therefore, our medical experts may repair abdominal tissue that has torn. If an organ has penetrated the soft tissue, we can effectively realign the organ, and our techniques may reduce the risk of additional hernias. Moreover, the equipment could effectively minimize the invasiveness of the surgery.

What Are Some Characteristics That Can Benefit an Entrepreneur?

I believe that creativity may tremendously improve the revenue that a business can generate, and when an entrepreneur implements various marketing strategies, the owner should utilize search engine optimization, content marketing, social media marketing, beneficial reviews and advertisements that feature virtual banners. Each entrepreneur should also anticipate the future needs of customers, and the owner should examine trends that could indicate the cutting-edge services that may help many clients.

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