Having obtained fellowships from the International Congress of Oral Implantologists and the Academy of General Dentistry, Dr. Rashmi Patel successfully laid the foundations for a successful career in the dental industry. Possessing extensive knowledge in general dentistry. Dr. Patel values his field of work and the satisfaction he receives from creating beautiful smiles. In 2015 Dr. Patel sold his Connecticut practices, however, continues to aid the transition by consulting the current dental professionals and helping them find comfort in their client base.

Despite the fact, Dr. Rashmi Patel is a working professional he also understands the importance of spending time with his family. Filling the role of a devoted husband and father. Dr. Patel is now a grandfather and is able to manage a healthy work-life balance. Activities such as golfing, scuba diving, and visiting the Caribbean islands with his wife are some of his favorite past-times as he takes excellent care of his physical health.

With his successful professional career underway and constant support from his family, Dr. Patel will be opening a brand new practice as he ventures down a new path in dentistry. With a wealth of experience and passion for the industry, it is no mystery that Dr. Rashmi Patel is an industry leader in dentistry.

Why did you choose to become a Dentist?

I began my education at the Santa Monica Community College California, where I received my Associate’s degree. I then transferred to the University of Washington where I pursued a Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and a minor in chemical engineering.  At the time, I wasn’t exactly sure of my career path, so I decided on a challenging field knowing that it would provide me with the foundations for future job security.

I temporarily ran a diamond brokerage out of Los Angeles, however, sold this business in the early 90’s and returned to full-time education. While finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Washington, I realized that I enjoyed research, teaching and being an educator. I began tutoring individuals for professional college admissions tests including the MCAT, LSAT, and the DAT. After conversing with a number of colleagues, I realized that dentistry was the best path for me. I delighted in the idea that I could manage my schedule, and would not be restricted to a hospital environment or working under someone else. I was able to maintain a flexible schedule with the freedom to spend time out of a professional atmosphere. I am now planning to return to school to pursue my Master’s degree and potentially a Phd.

What area do you specialize in?

I graduated dental school in the field of general dentistry, and I enjoy this area because I can treat entire families with their basic dental needs. Every day is a little different, and getting to know my patients is a rewarding experience.  Similarly, I appreciate the opportunity to acquire new skills and further develop my techniques in general dentistry. I am currently excited about the Invisalign clear braces. This specific product is a great way to straighten your teeth, it is hardly noticeable, and it is not invasive. It is a wonderful product!

What is your daily routine?

My daily routine varies and is dependent on a patient’s specific needs. I take pleasure in performing different procedures throughout each day or week as it keeps my job interesting.   My mornings usually consist of dental exams and dental treatments. In the afternoon we tend to schedule dental hygiene needs or dental restorative procedures.

What do you love about your job?

I love the people! I appreciate the individuals I work with, and I enjoy getting to know the patients I treat. I consider myself a people person so being able to interact with fresh faces constantly contributes to my happiness at my place of work.

I enjoy the dental field and am amazed by the new technologies that are continually being implemented. The current trends are always evolving, and I like to stay on top of the latest innovation. My goal is to keep people’s teeth healthy and take care of any dental issues promptly. I am fortunate because I work with a great team and my patients are wonderful.

What do you do in order to mentally separate yourself from your job?

I try not to discuss my professional life when I come home. I leave work at the door and enjoy time with my wife. We used to work together, my wife and I, but that was some time ago.  Now we each go about our days and then spend time together in the evening. I just visit with her and my children and grandchildren and I find this very relaxing.

What would you consider to be the greatest accomplishment in your career?

The most significant accomplishment in my career would have to be becoming a dentist and being able to observe the individuals I mentored over the years grow into their successful careers. Some have become doctors and others lawyers, and I am incredibly proud of their accomplishments. I receive a certain level of satisfaction having helped someone reach their full potential.

How do you unwind after a particularly stressful day?

My wife and I live in proximity to a beach, so we often take our dogs out for a long walk on the sand. The beautiful view is incredibly relaxing, and our stress just seems to evaporate! Being out in nature has a calming and therapeutic effect, so I recommend this to anyone who has a stressful job.

What are some of the other projects that you have worked on?

I performed research at the University of Washington where I worked on part of the Human Genome Project, which is quite an accomplishment. Furthermore, I assisted Dr. William Hagopian who got me interested in research and critical thinking, working with the ICA512 and GAD65 antibodies that become prevalent in diabetics and pre diabetics. I have taken valuable knowledge from all of my experiences, and I look forward to returning to academics someday, and further expanding my potential.

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