In the United States of America, there are only a handful of Atlas Orthogonal Chiropractic doctors. Doctor Edward Corsello of Corsello Clinic of Chiropractic has worked hard to count himself among one of the knowledgeable few. His adventure toward this goal began just after High School when he was in a dire car accident. This led to a significant injury to his neck. The unfortunate situation left his swimming scholarship to the University of Tampa in Florida in question.

Once he was local to the university, a new friend directed him to a doctor with the knowledge and skills to help. Over time, he was not only relieved of the pain, but his ability to fulfill his scholarship obligations was fully restored as well. Being able to complete his swimming competitions meant Edward Corsello was also able to finish college. This renewed opportunity meant he would go on to help others in similar situations.

Today, Dr. Corsello is one of the few Doctors of Chiropractic care with the knowledge of the Atlas Technique commonly known as the AO technique. He serves much of the northeastern United States with patients visiting from as far away as New York and Massachusetts. His skills have been able to restore movement, create a path to healing, and facilitate relief on many levels for his patients. He strives to help all he can help to find relief.

When he is not actively helping those who need him, Dr. Corsello of Corsello Clinic of Chiropractic enjoys spending time with his family, traveling, and volunteering to educate others about the value of a healthy spine and nervous system.

How did you get started In Chiropractic? What inspired you to do so?

When I was an undergraduate, I was in pre-med.  I was in a car accident where I was rear-ended. It happened before I went to the University of Tampa. I went to a Chiropractor for treatment on a herniated vertebra in my neck.  I also had childhood scoliosis.  I had received conventional Chiropractic throughout my life, but it did not correct my issues. As a result, I found a procedure that changed my life and helped me to avoid surgery. The procedure is called Atlas Orthogonal (AO), which is an Upper Cervical Chiropractic technique with a table-mounted percussion instrument. It worked very well. That is when I decided that I would become a Chiropractor and specialize in the Atlas Orthogonal (AO) Chiropractic technique. There are fifty thousand Chiropractors in the country, but less than ten thousand practice Upper Cervical. Out of the ten thousand, there might be five thousand in the world who actually practice what we do. That’s what sets me and my clinic, Corsello Clinic of Chiropractic apart from the rest.

What makes Upper Cervical distinctly different from a traditional Chiropractor?

Upper Cervical emphasizes the top two bones of the neck called the atlas and the axis. These two vertebrae house the brain stem, which is crucial for brain and bodily function. All life has to travel through the brainstem to the body. It travels through the atlas/axis area to the body. If they are out of line, the misalignment is called a subluxation. It causes abnormal pressure and stresses not just to the brain stem but to the nerve roots exiting out of that brain stem, causing damage to the spinal cord and to every system, organ, and tissue of your body. An Upper Cervical Chiropractor specifically addresses the atlas and axis area. A general chiropractor may manipulate those bones with his hands. I use more specific technology and x-rays to get a more precise treatment for that vertebra to correct and stabilize. The patient needs to maintain and hold that stabilization so that they actually can heal.

What is your daily routine like at Corsello Clinic of Chiropractic?

I am at the office early to prepare for the day. Before the office opens, I am analyzing patients’ x-rays to be as specific as we can to align vertebra. We have morning, afternoon, and evening hours. Our clients travel from all over CT and even from out of state, so our schedule varies.

What do you really like about this job?

I love to see the results!  I love seeing a person who was unable to walk without  a cane before, start walking.  I like to see a woman who could not conceive be able to have a child. I absolutely love it when a person is healed of a condition like  multiple sclerosis, Parkinsons, or narcolepsy. It is the joy of being able to remove interference so the body can heal.

What would you consider to be the greatest accomplishment of your career?

My biggest accomplishment is that I am able to still be alive and medication-free right now.  I developed ulcerative colitis at twenty-years-old, shortly after the trauma to my spine from the motor vehicle accident. It was devastating. I had several attacks throughout my life, one which caused me to be hospitalized for several weeks fighting for my life.

The AO treatment with biomechanical spinal correction techniques are what helped me, and this is the treatment I offer to my patients.  These methods improve the structure of the spine and take pressure off of the nerves, in order to improve bodily function. It put my colitis in remission. So, my biggest accomplishment is being able to serve my family and I can be here and function. I am able to serve my patients and be a living example. An accomplishment for my practice is to be able to serve as many patients as we do serve. There are many people who travel from long distances to our office.

Can you share any volunteering you have done?

I donate my time and effort to educate the community on health.  Topics could be to boost your immune system, regain your energy, or to strengthen your back. We’ve gone to corporations, schools, churches, and even health stores. Many times, we will host lunches or dinners.  They get a meal and information that will hopefully change their lives.

What do you do to mentally separate yourself from your job?

I am a spiritual person. I pray daily and as much as possible, with my wife and children. I try to center myself on God and be thankful for my blessings.  I may listen to some audio. I pray for my patients, and I am humbled by the realization that the people that are coming to me have family and loved ones whose lives I hope to impact for the better. I pray that I can be the best that I can be to serve my patients.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

In five years, I would like to see myself with other doctors and associates working with me at this location.  I am also going to incorporate more brain healing techniques to help my very sensitive patients with severe brain injuries. I would also like to open a second clinic in New York. I see myself being able to continue to serve the community, but also being able to spend more time with my family.

How does the health of your spine directly correlate with your overall health?

Within the spine is everything the body needs to be healthy. When the spine moves out of position, it causes blockages that prevent the brain from properly communicating with each cell, each organ, each tissue, and essentially every system in the body. Wherever the spine is misaligned, that part of the body will actually break down. It will actually cause a dampening effect on the nerves traveling throughout our body. Your spine is your suit of armor that is protecting you.  And your body is smart and can heal.  When you take care of your spine and it is functioning at 100%, then restoration of health can take place.

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