Dr. Dillon Remmick is a highly esteemed chiropractor who owns the Minnesota Regenerative Institute. His dedication to helping patients with a variety of ailments has made him a top practitioner in the state. Dr. Remmick is particularly focused on treating chronic knee pain, which can be a debilitating condition for many. With his board certification in Neuropathy and Chronic Pain Syndromes from the American College of Physical Medicine, Dr. Remmick is well-equipped to provide effective treatments for this type of pain. His passion for his work has led him to provide his services to well-known sports teams, such as the Minnesota Vikings, Brainerd Lunkers, and the Brainerd Lumberjacks. Dr. Remmick believes that good health is essential to living a fulfilling life, and his mission to change lives one patient at a time is a testament to his commitment to the wellbeing of his patients.

Knee pain can be an incredibly frustrating and limiting issue for those who experience it. Fortunately, patients suffering from chronic knee pain can find relief under the care of the Minnesota Regenerative Institute and the expertise of Dr. Remmick. While many doctors focus solely on pain relief, Dr. Remmick’s approach goes beyond temporary fixes. He is devoted to assisting his patients in achieving long-term wellness and whole-body health. With his knowledge of corrective chiropractic and dedication to his patients, Dr. Remmick stands out as a true leader in his field. Those seeking lasting relief for their knee pain can trust that they are in capable hands with Dr. Remmick and the team at the Minnesota Regenerative Institute. Dr Remmick shares more about knee pain below.

What causes knee pain?

Knee pain is a common issue that can have a variety of causes. Whether due to arthritis, infections, gout, or injuries such as ruptured ligaments, torn cartilage or patellar tendonitis, the discomfort can be unbearable. One may even experience knee pain from walking abnormally if they have an injury to their hip, foot or spine. Some of the most frequent causes of knee pain include torn meniscus and knee bursitis.

Knee pain can leave you feeling frustrated and limited in your daily activities. Whether you’re an athlete or a sedentary individual, knee pain can strike anyone at any time. Common signs and symptoms of knee pain include stiffness, swelling, and redness or warmth to the touch. Additionally, your knee may feel weak or unstable, and you may hear odd popping and crunching noises alongside your discomfort.

What treatments at Minnesota Regenerative Institute can help with knee pain?

When it comes to treating knee pain, the Minnesota Regenerative Institute takes a non-invasive and all-natural approach through chiropractic care. Rather than relying on prescriptions for harmful and addictive drugs, the Institute’s chiropractors focus on treating the underlying causes of pain and promoting healing. This approach not only offers relief from pain, but also encourages the body’s natural healing mechanisms to operate at their best. With chiropractic care at the Minnesota Regenerative Institute, individuals can expect effective and safe treatment options for their knee pain.

Here are three treatments offered at Minnesota Regenerative Institute:

 1. Knee-On-Trac:

This device gently decompresses the knee joint, which helps reduce pressure and inflammation. By increasing blood flow and nutrients, it can help reduce pain and improve overall joint health. Knee-On-Trac is a non-surgical solution that can help people regain their quality of life and finally find relief from chronic knee pain.

2. Trigger Point Therapy

This unique technique applies pressure to specific points in the body to alleviate tension and knots in muscles. By locating these specific trigger points, a therapist can help bring much-needed relief to those suffering from chronic pain or tension. The therapy can be done manually or with the help of instruments, such as massage balls or foam rollers. Many people have found this therapy to be effective in reducing pain and improving overall quality of life. While it may not be a cure-all, trigger point therapy can be a valuable tool in addressing chronic pain.

3. Spinal Adjustment and Posture Correction

Spinal adjustments can be highly beneficial for individuals experiencing knee pain and discomfort. By realigning the spine, pressure is lifted off the joints in the body, including the knees, resulting in less wear and tear and a decrease in inflammation and pain. Not only does spinal adjustment reduce discomfort, but it also restores functionality to the body, improving your overall health and wellness. Additionally, posture correction can be a helpful tool to use alongside spinal adjustments that ensures your spine remains in the correct position. This allows for optimal healing potential and better overall health.

Do you have any tips for Knee Pain Prevention?

For individuals suffering from knee pain, implementing lifestyle advice can be an effective means of prevention and management. This approach may include strategies such as weight loss, dietary modifications, and low-impact exercises. In addition to these recommendations, there are additional steps that can be taken to reduce the risk of knee pain, such as ensuring that the knee is not burdened with excess weight or subject to excessive impact during exercise. Additionally, low impact exercises, such as swimming or cycling, also help to reduce pressure on the knee. It’s essential to use the correct equipment and gear when exercising, such as good quality shoes and knee pads.  Lastly, it’s important to stay proactive and address any pain as soon as it arises rather than letting it fester and worsen over time.

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