Doug Petroshius is an experienced public administrator and the President of eAllianceGov a tech outfit. The Chicago based software provider offers advanced solutions in areas such as blockchain, AI-enabled chatbots, deep learning analytics, robotic process automation and custom software development for local government. Petroshius’ decision to develop automated solutions for the public sector was informed by the need to streamline local government and enhance overall service delivery. Prior to his new venture, Petroshius served as Principal Consultant of InnoGov, his own LLC, and was the Program Director of SelectChicago, a Foreign Direct Investment program for the midwest.

Petroshius joined InnoGov in June 2017 to oversee the provision of wide-ranging consulting services to a broad-spectrum of clients, including organizations, businesses and entrepreneurs. At SelectChicago, Petroshius core competencies covered areas like business strategy, marketing solutions and communication. He also provides maintains the SelectChicago Online Investment Portfolio which markets available development opportunities for foreign investors interested in the Midwest.

For his education, Doug Petroshius attended Western Illinois University from 1997 to 2001 and obtained a Bachelor’s of Arts in Political Science. He went on to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the Northern Illinois University, specializing in Urban Management. Petroshius holds several industry acclaimed licenses and certifications. Top on the list are Certified Leader of Public Management and The ExecRanks Certificate of Continuing Board Education. In the course of his journey, the copiously innovative Petroshius has knocked many doors, created numerous opportunities and launched a dazzling number of successful business ventures.

Can you describe how you started this business? What was your inspiration?

For over 15 years I worked in 10 city halls in Chicagoland. I’ve always been a proponent of using technology to further the goals of creating sustainable communities in the field of City Management. Eventually, after being a City Manager, I realized that while I had a great influence on one community, it was not enough to advance technology in all communities. That is when I realized that there was a need in the market for a company focused on bringing the latest in artificial intelligence solutions to local government.

How do you make money?

At eAllianceGov we are platform developers of software robots, chatbots, and other software solutions. By building applications on the most advanced platforms available in the market, we provide a unique blend of technological sophistication and client-experience that no other business in the market has.

How long did it take the venture to turn profitable?

I joined eAllianceGov as President in 2018 and immediately began the process of streamlining the company operations and expanding the service offerings. I look to steer the Chicago-based software solutions provider to greater profitability in the coming years.

Did you harbor any doubts at the beginning? If not, how did you overcome the struggles?

I did not have any doubt as to what I wanted to do because I’ve always been motivated by public service. I have also learnt to inculcate the virtue of hard work and honesty in everything I do. Today, my company provides technological solutions which make it easier for hard-working public sector employees to provide even better service to their communities every day.

How did you attract your first customer?

Leveraging my vast network of local government professionals, I was able to work closely with those Chicagoland communicate who believe that investing in technological reaps big rewards.

What marketing strategies (besides referral) have you used to generate new business?

You need to be where people are. Sure, everyone has a website, which is of course, a requirement (if you don’t have a website, you don’t exist as a company), but people are not spending time on web searches or websites as they used to. Today, people spend much of their time on social media. Therefore, we immediately created a presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram and keep them updated and active.

Could you spell the toughest decision you’ve had to make in recent months?

To stop marketing my business InnoGov, LLC. While InnoGov still exists, it’s not active. I’ve decided to commit all my energies and focus to my new business, eAllianceGov.

What makes you successful manager?

Believing that management is about things and leadership is about people. Business is about relationships and when you are building and working in a relationship, I recognize that I’m leading others. Management is about delivering timely results.

What’s your most gratifying moment in business?

My satisfaction comes from knowing that I’m on the front lines providing innovative, cutting-edge technologies to improve the lives of people who live in and work for local communities.

What is the future outlook of your business? What do you find exciting?

I am looking to spearhead the transformation of local governments through machine learning and AI. Whenever I make a presentation of our services, it changes the mindset of local government employees. I find it exciting when they begin overflowing with new ways of delivering services. Often I can’t write fast enough.

Which business books do you find inspiring?

The most inspiring business books are twofold: First, for small business entrepreneurs, Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and for corporate entrepreneurs and leaders, Good to Great by Jim Collins.

What is a recent purchase do you feel has helped advance your business?

I purchased an automated lead-generation and social media management tool. It helps me grow my network and update different social media pages with little effort.

What’s your advice to aspiring individuals entering the industry?

Recognize that you are going to fail and when you do, recognize that it’s just part of the journey. In fact, it’s a good sign that you are on the right path to success. Failure is an opportunity to learn and try again. Never give up.

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