Carney Shegerian launched Shegerian & Associates over a decade ago. Since then, he has established notoriety as “The People’s Attorney”, passionately crusading for his client’s rights and helping each client through his or her case with passionate words of wisdom.

Mr. Shegerian is a highly qualified trial attorney who has taken many cases to trial in both state and federal court. He continuously represents those who have suffered emotional or financial defeats and have been wronged by employers, including major companies.

Mr. Shegerian has an unprecedented record of success for his clients when dealing with both substantial settlements and trial jury scenarios. His life goal is to help individuals who have been mistreated in the workplace. Having won over 67 jury trials, as well as 27 seven-figure verdicts, Shegerian remains undefeated in jury trials.

In 2006, and 4 years following, CAALA nominated Mr. Shegerian “Trial Lawyer of The Year” . He is a licensed attorney in all California courts, local federal courts and more importantly, the US Supreme Court. He is also listed among the top 75 attorneys in the Daily Journals Top Lawyers List.

What sparked your decision to form Shegerian Law?

I wanted to start a practice that is designed to help employees. We fight for the rights of our clients who have been discriminated against by their employers.

Who is your target client?

Anyone who has been mistreated or discriminated against in the workplace.  No matter what their job title, we’re here to help them if they’ve been wronged.

Describe a typical day for you?

What I like about my job is that each day is different. There is never a typical routine for a trial attorney. Whether it’s a consultation or a court trial, we work diligently in all aspects of a case. Also, every client is different which makes each day different from the previous.

What is one trend that really interests you in your industry?

Legislation is being enacted to make it increasingly difficult for employers to discriminate against their staff. It excites me that the future of employee rights is looking good. However, we still have a long way to go as employees are still being mistreated and harassed as we speak.

Do you have any habits that increase your productivity as a business owner?

I follow through with all of my commitments and am surrounded by an excellent and supportive team. I feel this is what truly helps me remain productive and keeps all our cases on track.

What is one thing that you repeatedly do as an entrepreneur?

Stay updated. California laws are constantly changing, so we are always aware of what’s happening in the legal world. We also try to keep current with the most esoteric ways of how to benefit a client during a case.

What is one strategy that has been effective in building your business?

Hard work and dedication to clients is the key to a successful business. Everyday we make an effort to give our all for each client we represent.

Tell us something about you that not many people know?

After all these years, I am still undefeated in federal jury trials. It is both a personal as well as a professional accomplishment that I am very proud of.

What people have been an inspiration to you?

My brother John works in an entirely different field of business. He is the founder of an electronic waste recycling company. He is very passionate about protecting the environment. He is a lot like myself in the sense that he desires to do an excellent job and be the best he can be. Electronic Recyclers International has become the leading electronic waste recycler of all time, thanks to him. It reminds me that it is possible to be a lucrative entrepreneur while doing something rewarding.

You are where you are today thanks to…?

My clients. They are truly courageous people who have faced adversity and stood up for themselves. Whether it’s sexual or racial discrimination or a person living with disabilities, each individuals struggle for equality is inspiring. We have a very strong attorney-client relationship and every day I strive to improve their situation.

What was your most challenging trial and what was the result?

Every trial I encountered had some level of difficulty. Some were less difficult than others. I can’t recall a single trial that sticks out to me as the most challenging. Each client is so different that the trials really are incomparable. Overall, the outcomes have generally been positive for my clients.

How do you think employers can help reduce discrimination in the workplace?

Employers must first comprehend the law and make an effort to educate their executive and management staff about the law. Unfortunately, some employers disregard the law completely when it comes to discrimination. The bottom line is that workplace discrimination is illegal for EVERYONE.

Why do you think workplace discrimination is a frequent issue in today’s society?

Unfortunately, a number of corporations still nurture a culture of fear. In these environments, employees are under the impression that their superiors can treat them unfairly and it is out of their control. That’s when the fear of losing their job sets in.

How many successful trials have you had? How did you become so successful?

I have succeeded in all federal jury trials that I have taken on, including 67 jury trials and 27 seven-figure plaintiff’s attorney verdicts.  I believe the key to success has been surrounding myself with some of the best in my industry and being motivated to seek justice for my clients who have been wronged and mistreated.

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