Brian Gould is a multitalented businessman heading TruLife Distribution and TruLife Marketing, leveraging his extensive background in retail distribution and manufacturing to help foreign manufacturers with importation, distribution, and promotional activities throughout the United States. In addition, he is the co-founder of The Dietary Supplement Import Association (DSIA). Beyond his impressive professional credentials, Brian remains committed to giving back to society as a philanthropist, participating in various charity activities hosted by not-for-profit organizations and charity programs. The Brian Gould Foundation is also an outcome of his desire to reduce global poverty by supporting the less fortunate and recovering drug addicts.

Brian’s passion for business began early in life; at the age of 11, he started assisting his family business and continued to be enthusiastic about it. Today, he uses his expertise to help international manufacturers bring their products into the US market. In his free time, Brian takes pleasure in playing drums and tennis, traveling, exploring new places, watching movies, fine dining, and engaging in gym and fitness activities.

What were your first steps to entering the retail distribution business?

Growing up, I had a keen interest in my family business so I listened in on conference calls frequently. At fifteen, I started attending meetings with my father and became more engaged in the business’s operation. Taking my father’s advice to learn about the retail industry, I eventually landed a job at Home Depot for a year. Due to my exceptional work performance I was offered a position as a manufacturers rep, where I represented 20 product lines and serviced over 55 plus stores across the South West Region of the USA. This without a question furthered my understanding of the retail business at an early age.

What inspired you to found TruLife distribution?

The concept of TruLife originated from years of watching brand management companies struggle to do right by their clients. I believed that there must have been a more efficient solution to honestly and transparently assist brands in building recognition and laying the foundation for sustainable growth. That is what we strive for every day at TruLife. Throughout my entire career (and even before it began), I was an attentive spectator of how brand management firms functioned. I gained exposure to both the positive and less admirable aspects; plenty of organizations simply did not know how to properly manage a brand.

What is the mission of your foundation?

The primary objective of The Brian Gould Foundation is to help alleviate poverty across the globe. The foundation strives to realize this goal by raising funds and receiving donations, which are subsequently channeled to communities grappling with overpowering poverty. Moreover, the foundation aims to support institutions educating poverty-affected communities on how to lead better lives. Through these efforts, my team and I believe it is possible to reduce the number of people living in extreme poverty. In addition to poverty reduction, I am committed to helping recovering addicts. The foundation aims to have a positive effect on the lives of those affected by drug addiction.

What is one of the reasons that you started your foundation?

In my opinion, progress is achievable through collective efforts, and it’s the responsibility of companies like TruLife Distribution to give back to society. Hence, the Brian Gould Foundation was founded to make a meaningful difference and foster social welfare. The foundation will tackle significant issues such as poverty and drug addiction, intending to affect a constructive shift in the lives of many in various communities across the United States.

What have you learned is necessary to achieve your goals?

Entrepreneurship involves constantly facing challenges, one of which is transforming ideas and brainstorming into action. One practical piece of advice that I can offer is writing down your objectives and employing that tangible manifestation of your thoughts and ideas to envisage them. Moreover, it’s crucial to have the right people around you, helping you achieve your goals. In order to realize your vision, it’s essential to surround yourself with individuals possessing the required skills and mental resilience to complement your natural abilities and ambitions.

Is there a behavior that you think is necessary to be a successful entrepreneur?

It’s a great question, and I think cultivating certain habits and attitudes can accelerate productivity. However, if I had to choose the most effective one, I’d say it’s the ability to communicate effectively in all circumstances, be it with my team or clients. Maintaining healthy communication channels across the board is vital to sustain productivity and achieve lasting success in retail. I’m a firm believer in the philosophy of underpromising and overdelivering as it has a critical impact on maintaining momentum, attitudes, and helps prevent issues that can harm productivity over time.

What was a transformational career experience for you?

In 2006, I contributed to the development and launch of thousands of products on within the following categories: health & personal care, sports nutrition. Over the course of two years, from 2006 to 2008, I successfully sold over 5,000 different products on Amazon, working with 250 vendors. Furthermore, I established distribution channels for more than 30 smaller e-commerce sites, generating more than 10 million dollars in revenue.

What are two of your greatest strengths in business?

I believe that my greatest strengths are honesty and openness. I prioritize these values by not just telling clients what they want to hear, but by propelling forward with conviction and enthusiasm towards the products we sell. Leveraging my vast knowledge, TruLife Distribution can selectively choose which clients we collaborate with, only partnering with those we believe can thrive in the U.S. market.

What strategy or action do you find is most helpful for success in business?

Networking is key to a successful business. Utilize your network to connect with the right people, and if you don’t have one yet, focus on building relationships with the right people in the industry. I firmly believe in treating others the same way you would like to be treated. Whether it’s customers, non-customers, employees, or acquaintances, no one wants to work with someone they don’t like or want to communicate with. Building genuine relationships is crucial, and it can make all the difference in your business.

Have you had any noticeable failures in your career? If so, please tell us about it.

I used to allow too many variables in my career to be up to other people. I sometimes put my faith in the wrong people, which had a negative effect on my future. It even set me back, and I had to work hard to make up for it. When I created my company five years ago, one of the goals was to take control of my own future and success. Seeing what I have achieved so quickly has only reconfirmed that if you want greatness, you can’t wait for someone else to do it for you; you need to take charge and do it yourself.

What enables your company to be successful?

The executives at TruLife Distribution are renowned experts in the marketing and distribution of nutritional, health, skincare and wellness products. The team at TruLife has over a hundred years of combined experience, giving us an exceptional grasp of the intricacies of our industry. Moreover, the company boasts an efficient, proven, and expansive distribution network for a wide variety of retail accounts. We operate and utilize several warehouses across the USA, from the East Coast to the Western United States with a dedicated e-commerce team, which I personally hand selected to assist brands in launching their e-commerce business successfully. Our Director of E-commerce has a proven track record along with an MBA in digital marketing / e-commerce to fully assist brands launching on some of the largest online marketplaces. In addition, I have more than 16 years of experience in retail distribution and have attended ECRM retail buyer conferences across multiple categories since 2009. We utilize our proven buyer relationships to provide top quality service to our clients and customers.

Is there a web service or application that increases your productivity?

There are numerous third-party apps that are extremely beneficial. However, I rely on Monday and Pipedrive to manage my life. As a marketing and distribution brand operating in the retail sector, having a good organizational tool and a powerful CRM platform is of utmost importance.

Do you have a piece of advice that you can recommend to everyone?

You should always be wary when taking advice and remember to tailor it to your own circumstances. Despite this, having a plan in place is essential if you want to achieve something. Without one, you are just setting yourself up for disappointment due to unrealistic expectations.


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