Birgit DeVae is more than just a photographer, she’s a storyteller. At DeVae Photography, Birgit takes great pride in capturing the beauty of every moment, every memory. With a passion for travel, Birgit now offers travel sessions to capture the atmosphere and essence of the people in that space. DeVae Photography strives to preserve every detail of a memory, from every touch to every laugh. Although Birgit is based in Darien, IL, and primarily shoots in the west suburbs of Chicago and the Madison, WI area, with the new Travel Sessions option, DeVae Photography can come to wherever you are and capture the moments that matter the most. With Birgit’s expertise and dedication to preserving memories for years to come, feel confident in trusting DeVae Photography to help you hold onto the moments you cherish the most.

At DeVae Photography, Birgit offers a unique and personalized experience to help you capture life’s most cherished moments. Whether you’re looking to preserve the magic of the holidays through themed mini sessions or capture the memories of your big day with one of her two wedding packages, Birgit is committed to making your dreams a reality. With a focus on storytelling, Birgit ensures that each moment is captured in over 60 edited photos that you’ll receive within 2-4 weeks. Not seeing the specific occasion you want to commemorate? No worries, Birgit is happy to work with you directly to bring your vision to life. With a complimentary highlight video included in every session, you’ll be able to relive your fondest memories for years to come.

With years of experience as a professional photographer, Birgit DeVae has garnered a wealth of knowledge regarding the art of photoshoots. Her expertise extends to not only capturing a perfect shot but also choosing the right location and photographer. Birgit knows the crucial role these elements play in crafting a memorable shoot. Her tips and insights are invaluable to anyone looking to create exceptional photos. So, whether you’re a seasoned photographer or just starting in the game, Birgit’s advice can steer you in the right direction and help bring your photoshoot vision to life.

Can you please provide tips for choosing the right photographer?

Find The Style You Like

The style of a photographer plays a crucial role in the final output of their work. With diverse styles such as lifestyle, posed, filmy, brown tones, and vibrant, every photographer has a unique approach to photography. When searching for a photographer, it’s crucial to browse their website or social media and examine their style carefully. It’s advisable to choose a photographer whose style you admire because it determines the final output of the photos. For instance, if you want photos that exude bold and vibrant colors, a filmy moody photographer may not match your expectations. In a nutshell, finding a photographer whose style matches your aesthetic preferences guarantees that you’ll end up with photos that resonate with you.

Trust The Photographer

When looking for a photographer, it may seem difficult to place your trust in someone you barely know. However, I believe trusting your photographer is key to achieving the perfect photos. Not only should you ask questions to ensure you are both on the same page, but you should also heed their recommendations regarding styling, location, and timing. It is true that unexpected events may arise, but allowing your photographer to guide you can result in stunning photographs that align with your vision. Do not be afraid to put your trust in the hands of a skilled photographer who can help bring your ideas to life!

Check Social Media for Photographers

In today’s social media world, finding a local photographer has never been easier. Clients stumble on us all the time through Instagram and Facebook. With countless photographers to choose from, it’s essential to narrow down your search by checking out their online presence. By exploring both their websites and social media pages, you can get a better sense of their style and decide if it aligns with your personal preference. With just a click of a button, you can see a photographer’s portfolio, client reviews, and previous projects – making it easier to decide if they’re the right fit for you.

Don’t Ghost Photographers

When it comes to selecting a photographer for an event or project, it’s important to communicate clearly to avoid any confusion or hurt feelings. I strongly advise against ghosting or completely cutting off a photographer, even if budget constraints or timing issues arise. Instead, a brief email informing the photographer of your decision to go in a different direction can make a huge difference in professionalism and mutual respect. Taking the time to communicate effectively can benefit both parties in the long run.

Can you please provide tips for choosing the right location?

Ask Your Photographer

When it comes to capturing the perfect shot, location is key. I suggest asking your photographer for their preferred locations. They may have a certain spot in mind that will help bring your vision to life. It never hurts to ask and see what they recommend. Sometimes the best locations are hidden gems that only locals or experienced photographers know about. So, take the time to ask and explore new options. You never know, the perfect location may be just around the corner.

Determine Your Style

Choosing the perfect location for a photo session can be challenging, but it’s possible to find the right spot by determining your style. Whether you prefer whimsical field photos or edgy urban settings, the location you choose can greatly impact the final product of your session. I suggest talking to your photographer about the style you have in mind and working together to find the perfect spot to bring your vision to life. By considering your style and collaborating with your photographer, you can ensure that your photos will capture your unique personality and style.

Embrace Your Surroundings

I believe that in order to find the perfect location, it is important to embrace your surroundings. She suggests that by letting your location guide your styling, you will not only look great, but also feel a stronger connection to your environment. By choosing a location first, you can then determine the right clothing to fit the surroundings. By following this process, you can ensure that your outfit complements the scenery and makes for some striking photos. Whether you’re in the bustling city or surrounded by nature, my advice will help you find the perfect spot to showcase your style.

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