This is an interview taken by Chris M. from Spain with Aneek Chaudhuri, the filmmaker.

Mr. Aneek, does would someone ever be crazy enough to hire you to direct an epic blockbuster?

It would indeed be crazy for me to accept such an offer. Have always accustomed to directing movies that depict the reality, but not the history. Hence, I have been habituated of doing work that need less money but a good level of thought-process. In that case, it would be very chaotic to offer such a task even if offered to me; otherwise, the producers may find my work to be potential enough that they find me responsible enough of doing things that are not my league work.

So, what is your take on the success you are getting in contemporary times? A change from ordinary to extraordinary! Aren’t you liking it?

I don’t recognize. I can’t actually decide, as a result of which I don’t relate to things that admire quantity. I still live an essentially constant life. I don’t have and that I wouldn’t like material things. My material world is extraordinarily little and restricted.

It can’t be that tiny.

I own a single suit that I’m sporting and I’ve ne’er had another suit since the past twelve years. and therefore the shoes that I’m sporting I’ve been sporting them for three years. I wouldn’t like to switch them unless they’re commencing to fall apart.


I don’t would like twenty pairs of shoes. Once I had one vehicle that too owned by my parents. Though the shift from Delhi to Kolkata in pursuit of Cinema has made me more grounded where I would prefer to hop into a public vehicle. It’s fine, I get pleasure from life and things here are terribly basic. I don’t have a huge social network within the net as an example. I’m in all probabilities the last holdout.

I simply don’t wish to be obtainable all the time. I really like to socialize with individuals however in an exceedingly elementary approach. I ne’er visit parties, however I invite friends and I cook for them. There may not be discussions regarding a certain topic at first, but we all end up in discussing about Cinema. Hence, I can say that I get well with people who admire Cinema; but, I also get along well with people who are out of my own field, for example my relatives my uncles, aunts, nephews etc.

I am always approachable to them.

Your films appear to prize human association as a matter of fact. Would you say that each one of your films suggests to be humane and respect human elements?

I’m cautious regarding providing you with any kind of class. In fact I actually have invariably been fascinated by our human conditions, and I suppose that literature and painting will always be constant, if you’re seriously into it. It has to do a lot with our human elements.

But is there a religious dimension that connects humanity that you just mention in your bit of Cinema?

Maybe. Deep rock-bottom, everything has a connection wit a nation’s philosophies. I’m doing some things that illuminate India, that goes deeper than simply being a superficial recreation. Yes, my films do have an indirect connection with religious elements as well.

My stories circle around wondrous circumstances and simple to grasp and you’ll show them in African country, in Moscow, in capital of Argentina, all of them can know it. And youngsters perceive the films with ease. In a way, I am connecting with people all around the world and that’s what more important to me.

You are a director who moves from documentary to fiction with additional ease than most…

There are hardly any person who dares to do both films and documentaries. In fact, at the instant would you recognize of anyone?

Michael Winterbottom?

Ah yes, he will make documentaries and have films. Anyone else? Well, it is a thing to digest that there are people who perceive films to be the output of real incidences, and someone who would believe in the vice-versa concept. It’s a matter of fact that I believe in both and try to amalgamate both.

Now what’s your take on the complex concept you choose for your films?

Why do we prefer to live? I don’t suppose your answer would be “to please others”. I craft my little bit of Cinema for individuals like Maine, for folks that tend to review medium components. I’m to be confined for creating quality movies as you say being it is being equated to torturing individuals, I’d rather claim that day to be the death of my Cinema. I simply provide individuals a route through which they will face reality, but in a terribly reel manner. Complexity is subjective, people find reality complex than anything else.

I remember one of your films was blocked in five nations; Comic Fingers. Now, what is your take on The Wife’s Letter?

I was rather encouraged by the fact that my film was blocked in five countries. Now coming back to my recent creation, I am more focused in showing this movie to people related to Cinema and to those, for whom Cinema does matter. This is a film that is the most complex creation I have crafted till date. I have played with Maths and equated it to language.

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