Adam Glickman’s journey towards becoming a Managing Partner and Founder of AMG Realty Group started with him working for his family business, Dream Kitchens Inc. There he was provided the opportunity to hone his skills of investing, constructing, managing, and owning residential real estate. In 2007, he began investing in buildings on his own, where he oversaw the acquisition, financing, rehabilitation, and ongoing asset management of his portfolio.

Prior to his current position at AMG Realty, Adam was the CFO and Principal at Menora Financial, a residential and commercial real estate investment company. Adam was involved in all aspects of the business, dutifully applying his existing skills while also developing them even further. Under Adam’s leadership, AMG Realty has acquired over $250 million and over 8000 residential apartments on behalf of its investors and partners, a direct result of his influence.

In his free time, Adam is committed to using his resources to help others. In addition to fathering his three children, he is also actively involved in his community and many charitable endeavors.

How Did You Get Started in This Business?

I definitely have my family to thank for helping me get on my way: As you know from my biography, I got started on my path towards AMG working for the family business, and it did a lot in terms of the development of the necessary skills required, to say the very least. I had my first experience of real estate management and oversight here, and I quickly developed an aptitude for it.

How Do You Make Money?

In this business, it’s simple: If you intend to make money to any sort of degree, you need to invest in real estate and manage it properly. I invest in income-producing real estate and my goal is to earn management fees and incentive fees based on how the properties perform. Ideally, they will perform well, but in the event that they don’t, for whatever reason, another crucial factor in making money from real estate is learning how to instinctively get back on your feet and try again.

How Long Did It Take for You to Become Profitable?

The process definitely didn’t happen overnight. In my case, it took approximately three years before I became officially profitable, so perseverance is key. You need to be able to set your goals, hold yourself accountable towards attaining them, and, most importantly, stick with your long-term objectives despite potential roadblocks. One of the biggest mistakes you can make when you’re chasing after success is to expect it. The reality is, the only thing you should ever expect of yourself and your business is to always work as hard as you can, and produce your best possible work. The rest is just a matter of time.

When You Were Starting Out, Was There Ever A Time You Doubted It Would Work? If So, How Did You Handle That?

Absolutely. Early on it was very stressful, and I had a lot of long weeks where it really piled up and got to me. Things didn’t always go my way; sometimes I doubted myself and what I was doing to a very serious degree. In the end, it took a ton of hard work and perseverance to get through it and I can say with confidence that it made me a better person in the long run.

How Did You Get Your First Customer?

At that point, I can easily say that I had the skills to build a career, but when you are looking to get your first customer, what really matters is the courage and self-confidence to put yourself out there, especially in an industry as hands-on as real estate. You need to engage with people deliberately as well as genuinely, getting to know them on a personal level. Don’t create a separate personality that’s just for customers; be the real you, and let the best aspects of your personality really shine, whatever they might be.

What Is One Marketing Strategy (Other Than Referrals) That You’re Using That Works Really Well to Generate New Business?

 In all the cities we operate in, we have excellent connections to the brokerage community; in addition, our stellar reputation oftentimes results in situations where we are referred properties to buy before the full marketing process even begins. It takes a considerable amount of work to build up such a reputation, but it more than pays for itself extremely fast.

What Is the Toughest Decision You’ve Had to Make in The Last Few Months?

For me, one situation that comes to mind is when I needed to sell a property that required extensive renovations. In addition, there were also complications that resulted in precious time lost and costs trickling up. It was very difficult to stick with it instead of walking away, but in the end, I was still able to sell it for a great deal.

 What Do You Think It Is That Makes You Successful?

 It always comes back to your work ethic, and I can say with confidence that I rely on mine daily in order to find success. I also have a lot of drive, and in this industry, you definitely need it. Additionally, I’m also a firm believer in ensuring that you have above-and-beyond employment practices. Finally, you need to maintain a positive mindset in everything you do, from setting and achieving your own goals to how you interact with and treat people.

What Has Been Your Most Satisfying Moment in Business?

Ultimately, the part of my work that is quickest to bring a smile to my face are the times when I can see how happy and successful my employees are. When I am able to provide good, stable jobs for a huge quantity of people, I take pride in knowing that my work really does mean something, not just for me, but for everyone around me too.

What Does the Future Hold for Your Business? What Are You Most Excited About?

Looking ahead, I am most excited about continuing to grow, both in terms of continuing to sharpen the saw and develop my skills as well as through the acquisition of additional properties. I want to help cultivate a future for my business that provides great living conditions for so many people, in addition to exceptional jobs for both my existing and future employees.

What Business Books Have Inspired You?

To me, the works of David Lindahl have been a pivotal influence on my work ethic. In particular, ‘Emerging Real Estate Markets: How to Find and Profit from Up-and-Coming Areas’ taught me how to be a true opportunist when it comes to finding success.

What Advice Would You Give to Your Younger Self?

Honestly, I would tell myself to always be mindful of my attitude. No matter how high the highs or how low the lows can be, it’s so important to keep your head up and continue to work hard. The other piece of advice I would give myself would simply be to say that things can always get better, and all it takes is perseverance to get there.

Are You Willing to Be A Mentor? If So, How Should Someone Contact You?

Absolutely; anything I can do to help up-and-coming realtors find their footing. Even just for individuals who are interested in real estate and aren’t sure where to start, I would love to provide my advice and knowledge. I would prefer contact via email.

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