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    - Addiction – how I quit smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc

    - Health - Weight loss, trauma, bad habits

    - Fears – pick a specific fear you worked through

    - Relationship challenges with family, spouse, co-workers

    - Insecurities – things that made you anxious or scared

    - Depression, grief, anger, rage, loneliness

    - Becoming happier, how you did it

    - Accomplishment you’re proud of that was hard to do

    - I'll choose my own topic

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    What was your life like BEFORE you addressed this issue in your life?

    What emotions were you feeling BEFORE you dealt with the issue?

    How was this issue affecting your life?

    What specific strategies or practices did you implement to address the issue?

    Where did you first hear about this strategy or practice?

    Please give our readers a step-by-step guide, so they can implement the strategies you used.

    How long did it take before you saw or felt changes occurring?

    What challenges did you face along the way of your personal transformation?

    How did you address those challenges?

    What is life like for you now?

    From a broader perspective, what you have learned about yourself through this experience?

    What advice would you give others facing this challenge?


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