Founded in 2021, Legend Venture Partners LLC is a well-respected private equity fund based out of New York City, New York. Boasting an impressive selection of exclusive private stocks, the fund seeks to invest in early, later, and growth-stage companies.

The stated goal of Legend Venture Partners LLC is to take what its knowledgeable team has learned about late-stage capital investments and leverage that knowledge to build successful and profitable portfolios for its clients.

In doing so, the fund uses the relationships it has built in the private equity community to gain access to early & late stage venture capital companies. Legend Venture Partners LLC has helped hundreds of investors gain access to private shares in lucrative, headline-grabbing enterprises.

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Upon being asked to sit down and discuss what makes Legend Venture Partners LLC so unique, its senior leadership team decided to answer the following questions as a group.

What inspired the creation ofLegend Venture Partners?

We were always fascinated by the venture capital market and the processes by which a private company would become a public company. We realized, at the time, that there was a market in private equity which was generally overlooked by average investors. We thought that building a position in a  company with an eye toward aggressive growth—with the eventual goal of going public in order to increase its share price and valuation—was extremely attractive. So, we started to accumulate a substantial position in many highly-valued companies garnering favorable press, and that served as a foundation for what the fund has become today.

How do you organize an average workday?

Using information gathered from multiple sources, including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, and The New York Times, our team learns of the various financial, commercial, and geopolitical news which affects our business. Using that, we synthesize strategies for our clients, as well as fine-tune our own position in the markets. Many phone conversations and in-person meetings take place throughout the course of a typical day, and a lot of deep research is conducted, too.

How do you see ideas through from conception to reality?

Once a new idea is voiced by a member of our team, it is looked at thoroughly from a number of different angles, including anticipating the most optimistic and pessimistic outcomes. This process helps us to differentiate which ideas are realistic and which are not. We are always meticulous and cautious with new ideas before deciding whether or not to implement them.

 Is there a trend you’re enthusiastic about?

Young people are beginning to invest earlier in life than in previous generations. Even if it is by purchasing relatively new financial instruments, such as cryptocurrencies or NFTs, this can only be viewed as a positive development. It’s important for people to become familiar with any type of investing as early as possible. In virtually all cases, investors experience a learning curve, which sometimes means losing money. However, the younger a person is when they start investing, the more time they have to earn any losses back.

Is there a habit you can cite that makes you more productive as a company?

Legend Venture Partners heartily encourages every member of its team to embark on a lifelong journey of self education. Making sure that our team has a full understanding of our business, industry, and global events is crucial to our success. It builds up individual confidence and can even open up the door to new opportunities. Undeniably, it also encourages exploring different perspectives that might otherwise be overlooked.

If you had a time machine and could visit younger incarnations of yourselves, what would you tell them?

I think everyone could’ve used more time with their families in the early days, when we were working very hard to get the business up and running.

Would you like to share an unpopular opinion?

Anyone can accomplish anything as long as they set their mind to it and give it their all. There are countless examples of human beings performing feats that were previously thought impossible—the Wright Brothers, for instance. A modern day example might be Elon Musk. But anyone can reach their goals, no matter what they might be, through perseverance and ambition.

Is there one thing you do over and over and would recommend every company do to better facilitate success?

 Keep learning, day in and day out. Every experience, be it positive or negative, provides a lesson. Adopting this mindset opens up a whole new perspective on mistakes and failure, and for some, a new path to success.

Can you share a specific strategy that has helped to expand your business?

We try to analyze our business from the client’s point of view. This helps us to gain understanding of what is good about the business, but more importantly, what is bad about the business and needs to be re-thought and re-worked.

 What is one great mistake that occurred during the life of the company, and how did you overcome it?

As a private equity firm, we understand that there is risk in every opportunity that presents itself. And weighing the risk to reward is crucial when making any decision. Sometimes those decisions end up being mistakes, however, making mistakes is important for many reasons. The important part of making mistakes is learning from them and not repeating them.

Is there an industry or sector of the economy that you think is especially fertile ground for new entrepreneurs?

Once again, speaking as a venture capital firm, we encourage anyone who can identify a problem and conceive of a solution to it to create a business. Entrepreneurism is the lifeblood of capitalism. If an idea for a new business is good enough, there may well be investors out there that just might provide the funding to get it off the ground.

What is the best money the company has spent lately that was not, strictly speaking, necessary?

Legend Venture Partners donates money to charities it deems worthwhile each year. There is no better way to spend money than to give back to the community.

Is there a specific piece of technology that helps the company with productivity?

Microsoft Excel is critical for our day-to-day operations. Spreadsheet software enables better organization and allows the keeping meticulous records, which is necessary in this industry.

Is there a book that seems to be perpetually relevant within conversations between the executive team at Legend Venture Partners?

Our founder, Steven Lacaj, always recommends Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki. It’s an excellent book that helps the reader better understand why those who do not have an entrepreneurial mindset think the way that they do, and why those who do have entrepreneurial mindset think the way they do. The book then illustrates the typical outcomes for each of these modes of thinking.

Is there a quote that’s especially relevant to running the company?

“Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” — Warren Buffet



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