Tell Us What Motivated You to Get into Marketing and Business Operations?

One of the most inspiring things that you can ever experience is when someone tells you that you have helped their business tremendously. I began interning as soon as I left college and was able to find my footing in it. I had found that people had begun to enjoy the work that I was providing for them. They all requested that I work for their firm whenever I was able to go full-time. That sense of satisfaction would carry with me for the rest of my life and motivate myself to become better at my trade.

What Led You to Focus on Law Firms?

I had always felt an affiliation towards law. Whether I would have been a lawyer at some point in my life is up for debate. Being able to run various law firms allowed me to see the way that they had conducted themselves and would provide me a platform to work with. I was always constructive with my feedback that I would provide them, and they would always seem to listen. Integrity was an incredibly important thing that I wanted to instill into the law firms that I work for. This would be an important aspect I would use going forward.

What is Your Best Success Case?

I would have to say that my work for the offices of a criminal defense attorney in Tampa was my best case of success. I was able to create a positive image for the office that would have clients seeking them out more than ever. A criminal defense attorney naturally has a lot of barriers that they must cross through if they wish to be seen in a positive light. Fortunately, I was able to use various marketing tools to help bolster their image in the industry. A criminal defense attorney must always try to remain professional and carry integrity with them regardless of the clients they work with.

I had also utilized various digital marketing techniques to help improve the online visibility for the office. Whenever you search for “criminal lawyer Tampa”, they are the number one search result. Using keywords that people are searching for, such as “criminal lawyer Tampa”, is how you can improve your online visibility and tailor your traffic. It requires some work to find the right keyword usage. However, it will pay off in the end and help you rise above your competition in Google search results.

How Has Digital Marketing Changed the Law Industry?

One of the biggest ways that digital marketing has changed the law industry is that there is more competition than ever. Law firms that were relatively unknown before the expansion of the internet can now be found. Google reviews dictate what law firm gets selected over others. Your reputation is important in the online world and you must capitalize on this fact. Failure to do so could set your law firm back.

I knew this going in and had set out to ensure that whatever law firm I worked with would benefit from my knowledge. Extensive research, repetition, and patience are some of the key aspects that would drive me towards success. Search engine results constantly change as well. You must remain flexible and adapt to trends that change on a moment’s notice if you wish to remain at the top of the search engine. The algorithms for SEO constantly change and wait for no one. I would recommend constantly studying SEO trends and utilize those trends in your work if you wish to get ahead.

Describe a Typical Day in The Role of Director of Business Operations

The first thing that I would always make sure of is that whatever law firm I was working with had integrity instilled in their values. It is easy to become sidetracked by the notion of greed whenever you are running a law firm. I would create educational materials that would help spread awareness of equality in the law firm. This would help create a sense of comradery within the offices and allow co-workers to work more efficiently.

Where Do You See the Law Firm Going in The Next 20 Years?

I strongly feel that technology is going to play an even bigger role in the future. You will see more video consultations happening than ever. I have even heard talks that businesses will begin to implement virtual reality in their sessions for clients who are not currently in the room. The goal is to maintain the human element of a meeting from a distance by using whatever technology is available at the time. This will be an incredible leap forward for the industry and one that I hope it embraces.

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