Donovan Southwood Strydom is the Senior Vice President of Fisher Capital. Donovan has excelled in the gold and silver industry and is respected as a leader in the space. He has an incredible story to share about how he rose to success.

Donovan entered the sales industry at a very young age and quickly excelled in his career. He graduated high school in 2012 at 18 years old and opted for a non-traditional route. Instead of going to college, Donovan immediately entered the workforce in the search engine optimization and paid advertisements space. This is where his beginnings in sales and working with sales organizations was born. He quickly transitioned into loans and mortgage refinancing, then planted his feet in the gold and silver industry. With a natural knack for sales, Donovan became a top-performer scaling his way to becoming Senior Vice President.  

Although Donovan has had a major scale to success, he comes from humble beginnings. He immigrated from South Africa at 12 years old with his single mother and two siblings to achieve a better life. Donovan’s mother worked tirelessly as a nurse to provide the best opportunities for her family. Her sacrifice became a driving motivation for Donovan to succeed. He took up the role as the eldest son and head of household and today, Donovan is a leader in the gold and silver industry and has made it his lifeblood to ensure his clients thrive.

How did you get started as an entrepreneur?

I am the Senior Vice President of Fisher Capital and oversee the general operations of the company. I didn’t necessarily come in as a Vice President. I stepped on the sales floor the same way anyone else would, but I immediately put my nose to the ground and put in 12 hour days learning the craft. Since then, I’ve refined my skills and today I am able to give my clients the best possible service. I have mastered the process to truly curate a positive experience. With time, effort, and dedication towards what I do, I was able to turn my role into something that has really spoken for itself.

How do you generate revenue as an entrepreneur? 

We are a retail gold and silver company. We primarily work with clients inside of IRA accounts and retirement vehicles, helping them to establish a hedge against an inflationary economy, a dollar collapse, or whatever their main concern. We help sideline a portion of what they’ve worked hard for into a physical asset that has no third-party or counterparty risk that they have true ownership over. We’ve really refined that process, simplifying it for clients to where it’s extremely easy for them to get into a physical asset that at first, may seem unattainable.

How long did it take you to start making money as an entrepreneur? 

My mom used to tell me that I had delusions of grandeur when I was younger. She said that I had so many bright ideas of how I would become successful. I never had a plan. Believing in yourself is really the most important thing. If you believe in yourself wholeheartedly and you speak that into existence, then it really doesn’t matter how many times you fail, eventually you’re going to end up making money because you’ve set the standard so high for yourself. Failure at that point is not an option.

When you were starting out, was there ever a time you doubted it would work? If so, how did you handle that? 

I don’t think there was a time that I doubted myself specifically because I believe wholeheartedly in myself and my ability to surmount any obstacle that’s put in front of me. Of course, things might come up. Worldly matters get in the way and can cloud your judgment. However, I’ve dealt with a lot of failure in my life and the array of things that come with being a human on this planet. I’ve felt the lows and I’ve felt the highs. I don’t doubt myself because I know where I come from and what I’ve overcome. I know that at the end of the day all I need to do is take the next direct indicated action.

How did you get your first customer? 

Consistency is key. Eventually, you start to see results. It’s like going to the gym. You don’t go and have a really good gym day and do all of the best things and leave with a perfect physique. You’ve got to go incrementally, consistently, and you do the same thing for a very long time, and eventually you’ll reach the goal that you’re looking to achieve. And that’s essentially how I live. 

What is one marketing strategy (other than referrals) that you’re using that works really well to generate new business? 

Knowing your client, what your client’s interests are, and focusing any new business dealing in your clients best interest. Truly understanding what your clients believe in, what your clients care about, and understanding those things gives you the ability to relate to them as opposed to trying to sell or push something on somebody that it is not necessarily needed.

What is the toughest decision you’ve had to make in the last few months? 

The toughest decision I’ve had to make in the last few months is compartmentalize business and personal relationships. I set aside people that did not have the best outlook for my future and people that weren’t helping me achieve my goals. It’s important to take care of yourself and your personal affairs so that you can be present in a friendship or a relationship in the future. 

What do you think it is that makes you successful? 

Discipline. Discipline beats motivation any day of the week.

What has been your most satisfying moment in business? 

As the Senior Vice President of Fisher Capital I have the ability to oversee the general operations of the company and serve our clients with the highest caliber of service, which I feel blessed to do everyday. 

What does the future hold for your business? What are you most excited about? 

I think the future looks really bright. If we look at the partnerships that we’re developing and the organizations we’re sponsoring like Turning Point USA, the future looks extremely positive. Regardless of how the economy plays out, one thing that will not change is our commitment to service our clients and continue to put our best foot forward. There’s really nothing that can stop us from achieving those goals.

What business books have inspired you? 

“Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy The Odds” by David Goggins.

What advice would you give to your younger self? 

Stay the course. A lot of the obstacles that you overcome when you’re younger ultimately crafts you into the person that you are today. I can definitely say that I’m proud of the man that I’ve become. I don’t know if I would change much of it. There are some things I wish I could have done better, but ultimately I’m comfortable with the end result. 

Are you willing to be a mentor? If so, how should someone contact you?

Feel free to reach out at

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