Would you like to earn money working online from your home office or even your phone?!  

Work at home jobs and gigs are becoming increasingly popular.

We have done the homework for you and researched each of the part time money making jobs listed below.

Some jobs hire you as an employee and some you are an independent contractor.

You will find legitimate jobs that are full time, part time, as well as gigs for extra money.

Surveys (10)

Surveys are a great way to earn extra money while helping companies in all types of industries learn what their customers want. You will not become a millionaire taking surveys, but some pay on upwards of $75 and more, depending on your demographics. These can typically be done from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

#1 Gameshow Network 

You earn points and cash them in for gift cards.  I already received $20 in Amazon codes in 6 weeks.  One more survey and I get another $5.  It is actually pretty fun!  They are particularly asking people about new hosts and programming.  You just sign up, no invite required.

#2 E-Poll Surveys

If you watch a lot of television, then E-Poll is for you.  Most of their surveys have to do with TV personalities, TV programs and movies, and Celebrities.  They pay with Amazon codes when you cash in your points.  You can get to the 1000 points needed for a $10 Amazon card with only a few surveys.

#3 Mills Advisory Program

The Mills Advisory is a great site for the grocery shopper in your home.  Most of their surveys are about new food products and they would like your feedback.  The survey does not take very long.  Once you have accumulated 1000 points, you can cash it in for a $10 Amazon card.  You usually receive 150-300 points per survey, but I have done some for up 500 points.

#4 1Q Text Questions

1Q is a texting platform for market research.  They pay you $0.25 – 0.50 to answer a question, usually an A, B, C, D answer.  They then deposit the payment in your Paypal account immediately.  I usually receive around 10 questions per month.

#5 Prolific

Prolific is one of the few survey sites where studies are given to you based on qualifications. They believe in being fair and will only invite you to surveys that match your demographics. Another benefit about Prolific is that they do not pay points to participants and you can choose between giving your earnings to a charity that you hold dear or earn cold, hard, cash. Payouts begin at £5 and pay via PayPal. Don’t live in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada or Australia? No problem, they accept users from around the world.

#6 Pinecone Research

Known as one of the oldest survey companies out there, Pinecone Research has an excellent reputation amongst participants for paying on-time and for having a variety of surveys to take. The only downfall about Pinecone is that they usually accept only specific demographics and they only accept users from the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Each survey pays $3 and is paid directly into PayPal.

#7 iPoll

Earn $1 to $5 per survey with iPoll and qualify for other incentives, such as mystery shopping, smack tasks and much more. iPoll is a bit different than other survey sites, as they offer participants to use either their apps for iOS and Android or you can participate on their website. Once you reach $25, you can cash out with PayPal or redeem your earnings for gift cards with several favorite retailers.

#8 Mindswarms

Mindswarms is a huge moneymaker in the survey world, paying $50 a piece. However, in comparison to other survey sites, you record your answers and expressions on video. Mindswarms can be used on your mobile phone, tablet or PC’s webcam. Each survey has a series of seven questions and takes a little less than ten minutes to complete. When you sign up, remember to record your profile and answer a few questions for demographics and Mindswarms will find surveys that fit your profile. Payments for current studies are made within 24-hours via PayPal. The only downfall is that your reviews are not always accepted, even if you’re invited to answer questions.

#9 20/20 Research

Known for their online and in-person focus groups, 20/20 Research has added digital surveys to their ways to earn money. Panelists can make anywhere between $50 to $150 or more for a focus group. Some studies will have to go to restaurants, test cell phones, and much more, so there are plenty of opportunities to make some decent money. Live near Nashville, Miami, or Charlotte? If so, you could get invited to one of their in-person focus groups. 20/20 Research pays by check a few weeks after your focus group ends. The only downfall is that they can be quite specific with their demographics and even if you qualify for one of their studies, you aren’t guaranteed that you’ll get a spot.

#10 Paid Viewpoint (affiliate link)

Paid Viewpoints is a survey site that pays you for your opinion. It has a low minimum payout of $15 and a pretty generous $25 bonus for people you refer to their site. Once you reach the minimum, Paid Viewpoints will pay you through PayPal. However, the only complaints that I have seen are that surveys are few and far between and they do not pay much for the amount of time it takes to complete your questions. If this doesn’t bother you, then check out what Paid Viewpoints has to offer.

Feedback (15)

Businesses and web designers alike want to make sure that everything on their website is running smoothly and do not have any bugs.

So they hire usability testers to take a look at these sites with fresh eyes and find out what can be improved, to make the web a better place.

#1 National PR Team

You can apply and receive products to test and review.  If you have written at least 50 Amazon reviews, you can apply.   They give you an Amazon code, you order the item.  Once the item ships, you write a review and send them the link to your review. They pay you $10 and you keep the item.

#2 Askwonder

Get paid to answer questions. Askwonder.com is adding freelance Internet Researchers to their community.  If you like to work at home and collecting information online, this is for you.  You can set your own hours and your price.

#3 TestingTime

Make €50 per test with TestingTime. Based out of Germany, they offer side hustlers an opportunity to provide feedback and help website owners with any problems you may experience. You use the webcam feature on Skype and review the website provided. They pay 7-10 days after your test is submitted through PayPal or Direct Deposit.

#4 IntelliZoom

This company has written tests for $5 and recorded audio/video tests for $10.  You are paid by PayPal 21 days after completion.

#5 Userlytics

Like the above four, Userlytics help website owners and companies by providing valuable feedback on their sites. Tests usually pay around $10, and they also give you opportunities to test out phone apps. Signing up is rather simple, go to their website, and fill out your information. From there, you can take tests. They pay once a week via PayPal for all approved tests, and each review takes between 20 and 40 minutes to complete.

#6 TryMyUI

These tests are 20 minutes and pay $10 by PayPal on Fridays.  They have audio/video tests and written tests.

#7 Analysia

Similar to other user-testing sites, Analysia allows everyday people from around the world to help small business owners navigate their websites and let them know of any bugs or flaws they’ve come across. Each test lasts for around 15 minutes, and they pay $10 per successful submission via PayPal.

#8 Ferception

This company has tests that can go up to $200.  You are not recorded, but you will take screenshots.  They also allow people as young as 16 to test.

#9 UserTest

If you’re looking for some fast cash for helping webmasters catch bugs on their sites, then UserTest is the place for you. Like similar companies, you record your screen and speak your thoughts out loud while working on many tasks provided by the company. You are paid £8 per completed test, and they pay via PayPal within 48 hours of each submission.

#10 99tests

99tests is a little different from other user-testing sites. You focus on testing apps rather than websites. They hire crowd testers from all over the world and pay around $10 per app review. 99tests pay via PayPal for all accepted submissions. Choose between several platforms, and they have apps for iOS, Android, and browsers available.

#11 Enroll

Enroll is slightly different from other user testing sites. First, you aren’t recording your test being taken, and they only take a few minutes to complete. Simple enough, right? As you begin to complete more tests, you will receive achievements for bonuses, which leads to more cash and testing opportunities. The only downfall is that the pay is low for tests, but the payout amount is small at only $1. So do not expect to get rich off of Enroll, but this is a post on side hustles for extra cash. They pay once a month around the 11th via PayPal for the earnings you have from the previous month. Looking to spend a few minutes of your time helping the web experience to become better than ever?

#12 Userfeel

You are paid $10 per test via PayPal or Payoneer.  They will record your voice and your screen.  No make-up required!

#13 UserTesting

UserTesting has been around for several years and is the leader in website testing. Users are paid a minimum of $10 per test that lasts for 20 minutes, although some pay more if the review takes longer. You are paid seven days after your submission is accepted via PayPal. So if you participate in one test per day, then you will get paid every day the following week. The only downfall is that tests aren’t always available and they are on a first come first serve basis. They also offer an opportunity to test apps for $15 per test. All you need to do to sign up is fill out your information and participate in a simple test to determine if you will be accepted or not.

#14 WhatUsersDo

Similar to Enroll and UserTesting, WhatUsersDo provides feedback on websites for a variety of clients. Like related companies, tests are given based on demographics, and you have to be quick when opportunities come up. Tests pay $5 a piece, and they pay monthly via PayPal for outside of the UK and direct deposit for all residents of the United Kingdom. Signing up is pretty straightforward, you head over to their website, enter your information and then take a short sample test, to make sure that you have an understanding of what they’re looking for in a user testing professional.

#15 UserBrain

Another way to provide valuable feedback to website owners and businesses about the ease of use of their websites. With UserBrain, you will be given a list of instructions to follow, along with tasks and you record them on their screen recorder extension. Most of their tests take between five and fifteen minutes to complete. Pay though is a little on the low side, at only $3 per test; however, it all adds up. Testers are paid via PayPal once they reach $10, and from what I have read, there seem to be tons of tests to complete. Signing up is pretty straightforward, all you need to do is provide them with your name and email address, then take their sample test. You’ll receive feedback on what you can do to make your completed tasks even better.

Shopping (2)

#1 Shipt

For those who enjoy grocery shopping, I have been seeing quite a few people in the grocery store shopping with an app for other people.  ShiptShopper is adding people to the team to grocery shop.  You can set your availability and choose the shopping requests that you want.  I have been seeing them at HEB, myself.  You can earn between $15 – 20 per hour.  You have to be over 18 and have a car in great shape.

#2 Ebates

Similar to Swagbucks, Ebates is a get-paid-to-site which puts its focus on shopping. Choose one of their 2,000 partner stores, buy your favorite things and get a percentage back in cold hard cash. Each store will show you how much money you will receive for your entire order. Shoppers are paid four times per year, via paycheck and will receive a $10 gift card for signing up. However, checks can expire after four months, and sometimes users come across missed payouts, but the company is pretty quick to respond and will take care of the issue right away.

Research (4)

Appen Global

Working for Appen offers you the flexibility to work each week for four hours on a given day, twenty per week reviewing ads.  They also have a couple of projects that are one hour per day, maximum seven hours per week.  You are paid by direct deposit every other Friday and training is paid.  You are considered an employee, which is a wonderful bonus!

~ I did a three month project for them last year. It was great.  I was paid on time and the work is enjoyable.


Lionbridge has social media evaluators, web content assessors, and more.  The hours are 10 – 20 hours per week, but you can apply to work on more than one project to get more hours, however overtime is not allowed.  You are required to take a test prior to being hired, which you must pass.  You are paid promptly once per month.  You are considered an independent contractor. 


Leapforce hires search evaluators, as well.  You will also have to pass a test in order to receive a job offer.  The projects usually offer 20 hours a week, but I have read about one that was 30 hours per week.  You will turn in an invoice once a month (you are an independent contractor) and will be paid once per month by direct deposit.


iSoftStone is a similar company, as well, who also hires social media evaluators.  You have to commit to at least ten hours a week, but not more than 25 hours per week.  They pay monthly by direct deposit and you are considered an independent contractor.

Mystery Shopping Gigs (27)

How about making money while you shop?!

Mystery Shopping is a great way to earn extra money.  Depending on the project you can earn about $10 – $25.  They usually don’t take very long and you are offered the shops close to you.  This generally does not include your gas money, however, I have seen an increased pay rate for a store that is further away.  You will need a smartphone that you can answer questions and take pictures.  And by all means, have fun!

Below is a list of companies that you can apply for a mystery shopping position.  There are a few that are phone shops.  Once you have been accepted, you can log in and look at the various mystery shopper projects that are in your area.  When you find one you like, you can read the details and claim it.  They always have a deadline, so be sure to check your calendar before you take it on.  Also, you will be considered an independent contractor.

  1. Ann Michaels & Associates, Ltd. provides general mystery shopping services.
  2. BestMark provides general mystery shopping services.
  3. Quest for Best provides general mystery shopping services.
  4. Anonymous Insights provides general mystery shopping services.
  5. AQ Services provides general mystery shopping services.
  6. DSG Associates provides general mystery shopping services.
  7. A Closer Look provides general mystery shopping services.
  8. MarketForce provides general mystery shopping services.
  9. See Level HX provides general mystery shopping services.
  10. IntelliShop provides car repair shops by telephone.
  11. Coyle Hospitality Group provides high-end shopper services.
  12. Pinnacle Financial Strategies provides general services for financial institutions.
  13. The Source provides general mystery shopping services.
  14. Service Check provides general services by telephone
  15. Sinclair Customer Metrics provides general mystery shopping services.
  16. About Face provides general mystery shopping services.
  17. Secret Shopper provides general mystery shopping services.
  18. Customer Services Experts provides general mystery shopping services.
  19. Confero provides general mystery shopping services.
  20. Amusement Advantage provides general services for attractions, amusement parks, and entertainment venues.
  21. KSS International provides general mystery shopping services.
  22. Second to None provides general mystery shopping services.
  23. Premier Service provides general mystery shopping services.
  24. Sentry Marketing Services provides general mystery shopping services.
  25. Service Evaluation Concepts provides general mystery shopping services.
  26. Shopper’s View provides general mystery shopping services.
  27. Perception Strategies provides services for healthcare providers.

Teach English (2)

#1 Online Teachers for Chinese Students

This is a part-time position:  If you enjoy teaching English to Chinese students, there is a new company hiring.  You would work from home and the curriculum has already been developed.

#2 VIP Kids – Teach English

This is a great job for English buffs and teachers.  You will teach English over your computer using their web chat feature.  You do prepare your lesson and you provide feedback for each lesson on how the child is progressing.  You will also be rated by the parents.  If you have what it takes to teach English, sign up!

Transcription (1)

#1 Net Transcripts

For those of you who enjoy legal transcription, try Net Transcripts.  This is a service for law enforcement and also translation transcription services.

Customer Service (13)

Work at home customer service representatives are increasingly in demand. Many companies only operate in certain states, so please check the locations before you get started.

I also recommend reviewing the equipment requirements, as some companies require a landline or possibly two monitors. There are a few companies that require you to pay for your own background check and send it to them.

There are also a few companies that will actually send you equipment, such as the phone or headset and possibly a mini computer. You will find both Part Time and Full time opportunities.

#1 Debt Relief Customer Service Rep

If you enjoy working at and home and would like a regular schedule, Reality Debt Solutions is hiring.  You take phone calls and explain the program to the caller.

If they qualify and would like to sign up, you transfer the call to a counselor.  You can find the details below.  You must email them to apply.

Send to: recruiting@realitymediainc.com

#2 Direct Interactions

Direct Interactions is hiring Customer Service Representatives to assist customers with parking tickets.  This is a work from home opportunity, so you will need a quiet space to work.  The pay is $11 per hour.

#3 Apple

Apple is looking for people to work from their home office to help with technical support.  Several people who work there really enjoy this job.  They will train you, but it is very helpful to be familiar with Apple products.  Take a look and put your technical skills to work!

#4 Next Rep

NextRep.com is contracting for an organic food delivery service!  There are several other projects that they have going on now as well.  This is a Customer Service Position via email and phones.  You must have excellent grammar and writing skills.

#5 1800 Contacts

You’ve heard of the popular contact lens service and perhaps are a customer. Did you know that 1800 Contacts hires customer service reps to work from home? They pay $12 per hour and offer several benefits, including health insurance, 401k, and several other perks. However, to work from home with 1800 Contacts, you must be local to Draper, Utah.

#6 Accolade

If you’re a problem solver who’s tech-savvy, then Accolade Support is looking for you. They specialize in several industries and work with several companies around the country. Starting pay is between $7.50 and $9 per hour, and you’re paid every week via direct deposit. They offer flexible schedules and several incentives.

#7 Advantis

If you like research and are great on the phone, then check out Advanis and become a part-time telephone interviewer from home. They offer flexible schedules between the hours of 4 pm to 12 am, and the opportunity to telecommute. However, Advanis does not hire anyone outside of Canada. They pay $11.35 per hour, and you must have availability in the evenings.

#8 Alorica

Formerly known as West, Alorica has been around in work at home world for more than a decade. They’re always on the lookout for talented customer service reps for many projects. They pay around $10 per hour, and you receive your money through either by payment card or direct deposit every two weeks. Hours are flexible, and they offer benefits. Note: You pay for your own background check $31.95.

#9 Aspire

Aspire Lifestyles, formerly known as VIP Desk, is a well-known and respected company who’s been around since 1997. They hire concierge specialists who are well-versed in several industries. Aspire pay their employees approximately $16 per hour, and offer a comprehensive benefits package. Employees are paid every two weeks via direct deposit. Applicants must pass a criminal and financial background check, before being offered a position.

#10 Concentrix

Concentrix is a little different from other work-at-home companies as they are a staffing agency. Interested parties apply and are invited to a webinar or what they call a virtual job fair. Their job fair is to learn more about opened positions and about pay and benefits. Pay starts at $10 per hour, depending on the duties and they direct deposit your payment.

#11 Convergys

Convergys has been around since 1998 and offers employees the opportunity to either work from home or at one of their many call centers around the country. They work with several major companies, providing a lot of job opportunities. Agent’s choose to work part or full-time and can find the shifts which suit them. Pay starts at $9 and they offer benefits to full-time employees. Get paid by prepaid card or direct deposit twice a month.

#12 Cruise.com

If you love traveling and helping families get the vacation of their dreams, then Cruise.com is a perfect fit. Cruise.com focuses on travel, and they’re seeking exceptional customer service representatives. Pay begins at $10 per hour, and offer excellent benefits. Representatives work Monday through Friday, with hours varying by season.

#13 VoiceCurve

VoiceCurve’s mission to have a robust workforce while being environmentally sustainable. They hire customer service reps for many industries. Scheduling is flexible and offers full and part-time hours. Customer service reps start at $10 per hour and have opportunities for raises. Employees receive benefits, including 401k matching and health insurance.

Writing (5)

Businesses owners are always looking for ways to expand their marketing efforts, with informative content. They hire freelance writers to engage potential and current customers with lots of relative information. These companies are always looking for great wordsmiths to churn out engaging articles.

#1 Scripted

Scripted is one of the top content sites around, with high pay per article and great editors. Another bonus is that the terms and conditions of writing for Scripted are clear and concise, which is essential when working for content sites. They pay five days after submission via PayPal for each article you type for them. None of the writers I know have had an issue with getting paid by Scripted on time. When signing up for them, remember that you will take a grammar test and write a few test articles for them. It’s so they know that you are a good writer.

#2 London Brokers

London Brokers has been around for quite a few years, and their writers focus on content from a variety of niches. Sign-up is free, and you do not have to be a Pulitzer Prize winner to write articles for them. You will need to take a grammar test and pass it before you can begin taking on work. The downfall is that when you first start writing, they have a limit of ten articles, so the editors at London Brokers can review your work. From there, you can take on more work. Pay is on the lower side, but it’s an excellent way to get your feet wet in the writing industry. Authors are paid twice a week, via PayPal which is on Tuesdays and Fridays. If you do not use PayPal or live in a country where it isn’t available, they have other payment options available. Just be sure that your email address matches your PayPal address, to prevent any issues with your payment.

#3 Textbroker

Textbroker is another middleman for freelance writers who are new and seasoned to get their feet wet while writing for private clients. There are five levels of Textbroker, and pay is based on your level. However, the good news is that you can work towards getting the better-paying pieces to write. Signing up for Textbroker is pretty straightforward, you put in your information and then write a short sample of the companies choosing. From there, you will hear back within a few days to tell you what writing level you are in, then submit your tax information. You are paid weekly via PayPal if you have made a minimum of $10.

#4 Slice The Pie

Slicethepie is a little different from other writing companies, as you aren’t creating articles for clients. You’re writing reviews on all types of products and music before they’re released to the public. The remarkable thing about Slicethepie is that anyone can sign up, as long as they’re over the age of 13, and they hire worldwide. The pay depends on how many stars you have and the quality of the review. Slicethepie pays two times per week, with a minimum cashout of $10 to PayPal. The days they pay are on Tuesdays and Fridays.

#5 Blog Mutt

BlogMutt is a platform for writers who specialize in creating blog posts. This content site is the go-between for writers and blog owners who may not have time to write on their website. BlogMutt will match these blog owners with those who can capture the attention of every reader with their posts. Work with them can be inconsistent because there’s a massive pool of writers who are competing for clients and sometimes you are not picked. Writers start at $8 per post and can make as high as $72 per piece. BlogMutt pays every week via PayPal for work that has been taken by customers.

Tasks (3)

Crowdsourcing has become the latest trend for business owners to get tasks done, a machine can not complete that. Some duties include data entry, rating photos, answering surveys and much more. Here are some companies that are always looking for individuals to complete tasks for them.

#1 Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the ultimate task sites, that has paid out more than $100 million to their users. Participants can earn Swagbucks by performing searches, taking surveys, playing games, cashback on purchases and much more. You can obtain a gift card for as low as 300 Swagbucks, but PayPal payments begin at 1500. Each swagbuck is worth a penny, and cashing out is easy. However, some of the downfalls about Swagbucks is that you must read the requirements for some tasks, or else you may not get credit for them. Swagbucks also has an app that users can access for both iPhone and Android devices.

#2 Qmee

Qmee, is a little different from the other task sites, as they pay you to take various surveys and to use their search feature for cash. Though you might not make a lot of money, Qmee doesn’t have a minimum payout, so your money can get deposited straight into your PayPal account. Qmee is not available worldwide, and can only be accessed by residents of Australia, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. Not only can you use Qmee from your pc, but they also have an app available for both Android and iOS.

#3 CashCrate

While CashCrate allows members to do different tasks like Mechanical Turk, it’s slightly different as it is a Get Paid To site. Users can make money by watching videos, taking surveys, cashback offers and doing trials of various products with their partners. They’ve been around since 2006, and tons of people have been paid for their efforts. However, if you do not read the terms and conditions for each task strictly, you will not get credit for them. Also, you should keep an eye on your trial memberships, so you can cancel them at the right time, without losing your hard-earned cash. Members can receive payments through PayPal, once they reach $20.

Passive Income (1)

#1 Embeepay

Get paid to download an app and keep it there! With Embeepay, users can make a passive income by installing their Mobile Performance Meter and let it run in the background. Users can earn a recharge for your service, or you can exchange points for gift cards. The only complaints I discovered from users, is that the app has glitches, but Embeepay is pretty quick to fix any problems promptly. If you don’t mind having an app track your phone usage, then give Embeepay a shot.

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